River Dasom announcer married her husband the same age incumbent judges

15Nile Dasom announcer Raise the wedding wearing a wedding dress.

River Dasom announcer haetneundeyo his former marriage news on the radio, did not sleep a favorite river Dasom reasons' to proceed

The prospective bride to be married to a river Dasom announcer I mean my husband was rewarded Dasom River known as the announcer minutes incumbent judges.

River Dasom

At the time he left it haneungunyo baeseok gwoneunseok judge got out of last year, Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee Jae-yong ruling

River Dasom announcer said haetneundeyo horse and his "best friend" for a prospective bride said, "Even now I sometimes simkung"

River Dasom

First haebomyeon reasoning river Dasom announcer interviewed two people not think he quite came to spend time friend

River Dasom announcer for whales Law, Gwoneunseok Judge not even the same school, Seoul National University Law School who inde How did your best friend

River Dasom

I do not know whether you'll ever called my school days meeting ㅎㅎ

River Dasom announcer is that it will go to the company no less hard as before, even after marriage.

River Dasom

The river Dasom announcer wedding will be held in 15 days, Songpa-gu, Seoul Eastern District Court wedding hall.


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