Taekwondo medal are all beautiful DUI drink called the tragedy of love image pensions

Taekwondo silver medal this beautiful drink-driving

9Issued May 2 film 2018 Jakarta, Palembang is 57kg class taekwondo sparring girl is beautiful athletes in the Asian Games silver medalist has lost everything for drunk driving.

The young players despite the surrounding Gulf Stream and took a cab 35 minutes gieoko 1 am on the 28th molda their Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Suwon City Hall nearby were caught drinking crackdown.
At the time the young players was a level corresponding to the canceled license to 0.151 percent blood-alcohol level.

What a silver medal in the neck just growing number of articles Within only a week to blame the young players failed to self-management.

This beautiful drinking and driving
The young players who love the usual surgery haetneundeyo a lot of talk about liquor in the meantime several competitions interview
2016In Rio de Janeiro, it failed to compete in the Olympics was also deceiving saying he drank a lot of alcohol in Shanghai.

This beautiful drinking and driving
2017When acquired in the first World Championship individual gold medals and the tournament MVP "was a long time since this tournament ready to drink. Today it is called balhigido want to drink ".
In addition, two days at the time of 2014 Incheon Asian Games will want to pick the most gold medals would like to say I have a "drink a cup as soon as my mom."

This beautiful drinking and driving
In fact, athletes who drink LOTS minutes, not for self-administration
It's the most if you drink one or two glasses of minutes
But the young players this handeyo pick a gold medal at the Olympic handeut him joyfully drink a glass of
Thing to eat drink seize the steering wheel is also acting for some reason can not be forgiven.

This beautiful drinking and driving

Meanwhile, the young players doeneundeyo you lose a lot due to this drinking and driving
Meanwhile, the first hard cultivated his image and career and pension.

After getting confirmation there is a safe type at least lose the pension entitled to receive a pension young players now have lost all 4,032 ten thousand won to 525,000 won a lump sum July.

Tags also called DUI is gonna be a hard life, but she is also a part Maybe she would have to bear.


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