Park Yong-ha Lee, manager astonished at her stunning minnat

Park Yong Ha Park Yong-ha is a crypt anjeongsik me also manager Lee gown out the song 'Stars' last recorded flow was read chudosa.

In July 2010, two days'EDAILY 'articles Part is.

If you read about the deceased chudosa is applied between the part that know how vague and Park Yong-ha.


But that she had attempted to withdraw 240 million won from Park Yong-ha's account after a week urns formula.

Yieotgie Japan, not Korea I did think that this is possible

Lee found a Japanese bank in Tokyo has reached out to deposits entrusted to invoice as Park Yong-ha moment that you want to withdraw money awarded them this is debited by the bank staff was rejected.

Park Yong-ha manager

Eventually Tokyo Park Yong Ha bank withdrawals will cease to attempt malatjyo

Let's failed Japanese bank withdrawals manager Park Yong-ha Lee, Park Yong Ha Park Yong-ha photo book of 700 million won was in the agency 40, Music and photos and keepsakes corporation seal of 26 million won, Corporate Seal, With junior account manager and hamkkae draw haebeo hiding in Thailand and Saipan.


As I read a week ago that the behavior of the people of Park Yong Ha chudosa indeyo terrible act that can not possibly see


In the survivors' Park Yong-ha was hush to avoid what lovely days ipbangah rise to the degrading situation in abruptly left the world of the Son.

Park Yong-ha manager

But a year later, Lee has also climbed in her sleep past deeds began to work another manager meoneu teseo idol group managers.


According to the survivors' Lee grab a Survivor to himself in order to justify their actions to the people around you, There teasing, saying the theft, "he pulled a rumor I'd told myself This is hard to


Eventually the bereaved were in November 2011 pulled a Bible camp gotta prosecutors indicted without detention in February 2013, Lee received such samunseo counterfeiting and fraud trial.

Park Yong-ha manager

So what did the Lee trial?

Lee 'deposits had permission to write an album or a photo album manager wanted to organize as a keepsake collectible think about whilst the information, "said the accused did not admit his.

As of February 2014 sentencing appeals trial to break the centrifuge he was sentenced to two years probation for 8 months in prison.


Since January 2014, South Korea Entertainment Management Association has made a decision that prohibits hiring manager Park Yong Ha Lee has been determined completely withdrawn from the industry.


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