Han Soo-min's hand gestures Park Myung-soo's wife Instagram live broadcast Nose pack promotion What is this?

Park Myung-soo's wife and broadcaster Han Su-min apologized for her finger swearing on Instagram Live, but the public response was only cold..

On the 29th, Sumin Han posted on his Instagram, "I made many people uncomfortable with my careless actions in the last live broadcast., I sincerely apologize. In the future, we will communicate with you with a more respectful attitude..

Once again, I sincerely apologize.” I left a message saying

Han Su-min

‘Han Su-min’s hand gesture nose pack is being promoted with one finger abusive language’

Previously, Sumin Han introduced a nose pack while conducting an Instagram live broadcast..

In the process, he raised his thumb and little finger to his forehead to emphasize that he hadn't had a nose peck in years..

Han Su-min

This behavior done by Han Su-min is an act of expressing ‘Umchang’ in the meaning of “If I’m wrong, you can call my mother a whore.”


Since then, Han Su-min's finger motion screen has been captured and spread rapidly through SNS..

Han Su-min

As the controversy grew, Han Su-min left an apology through Instagram.

I left an apology, but the response is only cold.

Han Su-min

In the past, Kim Jin-pyo and Bae Yoon-jeong were controversial because they acted like Han Su-min.

2014Kim Jin-pyo, who appeared in Where Daddy Season 2 last year, got out of the show because of the controversy over the use of one finger in 'Top Gear Korea 4'..

Han Su-min

In addition, Bae Yoon-jung appeared on 'My Little Television' last year with singer Ga-hee and sweared at the finger. I apologized, but the controversy did not go away easily.

Han Su-min

Meanwhile, Han Su-min is the Sunflower Clinic.(Dermatology)As the director, I am the CEO of a mask pack company called Dr. Soo Skin Cosmetics..

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