The reason why Amy gained 90kg on Instagram

Amy posted a picture of her overweight on her Instagram..

Amy said, "I'm very fat... #RedMielgel #Amy #90kg #Selfexperiment” and two photos were released..

Amy's Instagram

If you read 90kg on Instagram, it means your current weight. Especially, "Let's lose weight together", When I see the article “Self-experiment”, I sometimes think that I am intentionally trying to gain weight and lose weight.

그런데 에이미 관련 기사를 찾아 보니

It is said that Amy recently entered the cosmetics business and gained weight in order to verify through her own body while researching effects such as fat breakdown.

Even though.. I think it's pretty bad for your health to gain and lose some weight.…

Amy's Instagram

In 2012, Amy was sentenced to two years in prison and two years of probation by the court on charges of propofol administration. has been permitted

However, in September 2014, he was fined for administering zolpidem while on probation, and in December 2015, he was deported through Incheon International Airport..

Amy's Instagram

After that, in October of last year, I applied for entry permission to the Korean Consulate General in LA to attend my brother's wedding, who is living in Korea..

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