Ryu Hwa-young, LJ's Instagram photo controversy 'official position'’ No dating rumors

What does Ryu Hwa-young LJ's Instagram photo mean??

Broadcaster LJ posted several pictures of Ryu Hwa-young on Instagram, causing controversy..


LJ has released several photos taken with Ryu Hwa-young on Instagram since the 22nd.

In particular, he revealed the contents of a Kakao Talk conversation that gave Ryu Hwa-young a feeling of being between lovers, saying, “Baby,”..

Ryu Hwayoung LJ


When Ryu Hwa-young's photo was published on LJ's Instagram, Ryu Hwa-young's twin sister, Ryu Hyo-young, directly protested on LJ's Instagram, and netizens also urged LJ, saying, "Is the photo posted with permission from the other party?"

Ryu Hwayoung LJ

LJ responded, "Even if they look funny, is it wrong to keep the memories of the people I love??” and showed a reaction as if admitting that he and Ryu Hwa-young are lovers..

Ryu Hwayoung LJ


Even if two people are in a real romantic relationship, if you think that the other is a public figure, it is best to discuss it thoroughly before revealing it.(Human nature)' I think


Ryu Hyo-young directly LJ "Why do you keep harassing me with misunderstood posts, even when we don't post them with our permission?. why really. Erase it.” Judging from the comment, it seems that the photos of Ryu Hwa-young and the contents of KakaoTalk released by LJ were released without consent..

In response, netizens raised suspicions that Ryu Hwa-young and LJ were dating and released a photo while he was dating, and Ryu Hwa-young's agency, 'Imagine Asia', said that the two are not dating Imagine Asia. Everything,” he said, “a close friend.”.

Ryu Hwayoung LJ

On the other hand, LJ, after the official position of Ryu Hwa-young's agency, has switched his Instagram to private..


Who is LJ?

LJ, a dynamic duo, who became controversial over the photos they posted on Instagram, As a former Brown Eyed Soul manager, he made a name for himself in various cable entertainment programs in the past..

2012It became a topic of discussion after marrying actress Lee Sun-jung in 45 days of dating..

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