Radio star Chan-seong Jung, the Korean UFC fighter most loved by martial arts fans

A special guest is coming to Radio Star.

UFC fighter Chan-Sung Jung..

Chan-seong Jung, 31 years old, is from Pohang and is also the representative of ‘Korean Zombie MMA’.

Chansung Jung is currently ranked 10th in the featherweight rankings in the world's three major mixed martial arts competitions, UFC, and is the only Korean fighter to have competed in a UFC title match..

Chansung Jung

Chansung Jung signed an exclusive contract with AOMG, a famous hip-hop label, in May.

As for the reason for choosing AOMG from Radio Star, he said that it was because of ‘Park Jae-beom’ of the same age, so I wonder what kind of story there is..

Chansung Jung

Chansung Jung is said to be more famous abroad than in Korea., If we go to the US, it will be a complete uproar.” He even compared the popularity of Korea and the US directly..

Chansung Jung

On Radio Star, Chansung Jung said that he puts his own orders when playing games.

“I am not K O. He said that he casts a spell, "Don't fall down," and demonstrated that he trained without closing his eyes to prevent fainting..

Chansung Jung

Not only that, Chan-sung Jeong has one son and two daughters. He said that he will reveal all the secrets of becoming a father and the story of cheating on his job at the time of his first meeting with his wife.

Chansung Jung

Who is Chansung Jung??

1987Born in Pohang in 2006, Chansung Jeong moved to Namyangju and attended middle school..

I started Aikido to fix my introverted personality, but the exercise I started to fix my introverted personality changed my life..

Chansung Jung

Chansung Jeong, who admired Wonjin Eo, who was active in Pride FC, which was the best stage at the time, started learning kickboxing at ‘Jeongjin Gymnasium’..

Chansung Jung

Chansung Jung, who moved to the Korean Top Team, entered the Japanese stage in 2008 and tipped off., After playing in Senkoku, he advanced to WEC in 2010, the best stage for light weight class..

In his US debut, he showed a great brawl in a confrontation with Leonard Garcia, earning him the nickname ‘Korean Zombie’..

Chansung Jung

Afterwards, in the rematch with Leonard Garcia, he won the first time in UFC history with a high-level Brazilian Jiu-jitsu technique called Twister..

Chan Sung Jung's wife

2013On August 3, he had a UFC title fight with Jose Aldo, who reigned supreme in the lightweight division.

It was the first Korean UFC title challenge. 1, 2Chansung Jung, who gave the round to Jose Aldo, lost his shoulder in the third round and his UFC title challenge ended in failure..

Afterwards, Chansung Jung, who received a grade 4 judgment due to a shoulder injury, dedicated his service as a public service worker and signed an exclusive contract with AOMG in May..

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