Yoon Doo-joon and Yang Yoseob's mixed fate 'Failed to be selected as a police officer’ 24enlisted in the military

Doojoon Yoon, a former member of the group BEAST and the current leader of ‘Highlight’, will be enlisting in the military on the 24th..
Yoon Doo-joon's sudden enlistment in the military is due to his disqualification from being selected as a police officer.
Earlier on the 21st, Yoon Doo-joon was eliminated from the compulsory police application, and the date of his active duty enlistment was set on the 24th..

Doojoon Yoon
But what is even more unfortunate is that Yang Yoseob, who applied for the conscripted police with Yoon Doo-jun, was notified of acceptance to the conscripted police.

Doojoon Yoon
Doojoon Yoon, Yang Yoseob and Yang Yoseob are members who have been active together from the days of BEAST to the current Highlight. However, Yoseob Yang passed and Doojoon Yoon failed..

Doojoon Yoon

In response to the news of Yoon Doo-joon enlisting in the military, ‘Let’s Eat 3’, which is currently airing, is even talking about an early ending due to Yoon Doo-joon’s vacancy.

Doojoon Yoon
'Let's Eat 3', which has been conducted up to 12 out of a total of 16 episodes, is said to have been scripted up to the 14th episode..

Doojoon Yoon

In Let's Eat, Yoon Doo-joon is the main character, and in fact, a drama without a main character is meaningless.
In response, the production team convened an emergency meeting on the 21st and is preparing for the worst situation, and the agency has not been able to give a straight-forward answer.

Doojoon Yoon
If Yoon Doo-joon enlists in the military on the 24th, Let's Eat 3 is expected to end early with episode 14..

I'm really enjoying Yoon Doojoon's mukbang at the dinner party, but I won't be able to watch it anymore until he is discharged from the military.…

Doojoon Yoon

Meanwhile, Yoseob Yang, who has passed the mandatory police application, will receive an enlistment date within 5-7 months from the date of acceptance..

2018.08.22 pm 04 : 50

Yoon Doo-joon is finally enlisting in the military.

On the afternoon of the 22nd, Yoon Doo-joon's agency, Around Us, made an official statement. “Leader Yoon Doo-joon recently received a military service warrant and enlisted in the military on the 24th.” said.

In addition, Yoon Doo-joon said 'Highlight'’ The handwritten letter was released through the official website.

Doojoon Yoon's handwritten letter

At a late age, I had to leave suddenly to finally fulfill my military duty.” He said, "It hurts my heart to leave without saying goodbye to my fans.".

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