Married in Jeju Island, Lee Ha-neul's age difference 17 years old Air ticket wedding invitation to relatives

48The three DJ DOCs, Lee Ha-neul, will hold a wedding ceremony on Jeju Island on October 10th after breaking the label of an old bachelor..

Attention was focused on what kind of story Lee Ha-neul will tell in the youth burning with the news of Lee Ha-neul's marriage.

21In Burning Youth, which will be aired on the 1st, Lee Ha-neul will reveal all the story behind her marriage with a girlfriend who is 17 years younger than her..

Lee Ha-neul Marriage

Lee Ha-neul surprises all the members by making a surprise wedding announcement in a car heading to a valley in Chungju.

Lee Ha-neul also revealed a special plan for her girlfriend, who she had been with for 11 years, saying, “I have been running all this time because I saw one.”.

Lee Ha-neul Marriage

Who is Lee Ha-neul's girlfriend 'Mogwa'??

Men and women are dating, and most of them call each other by nicknames.

Lee Ha-neul is also a quince’ 라는 애칭으로 여자친구를 부르고 있네요 향기가 나서 ‘모과’ it's called

If you like your girlfriend how much you would have made a nickname like this haha

and one important fact!!

That's the age difference between girlfriend and Lee Ha-neul. They are a couple with a whopping 17-year age difference..

Lee Ha-neul Marriage

I'm 5 years older than my sibling. If there's an age difference like this, there's probably quite a generation gap..

Lee Ha-neul Marriage

When Lee Ha-neul revealed that she has a girlfriend through the 2009 broadcast, she often revealed her affectionate side with her girlfriend through SNS.

Lee Ha-neul Marriage

In particular, Lee Ha-neul, known as a fishing enthusiast, goes fishing with her girlfriend. Recently, I saw a couple fishing side by side on a fishing show..

Lee Ha-neul Marriage

Also, about her girlfriend, Lee Ha-neul said, "An image resembling Shin Bong-seon., He is small and cute and has a round face.” He also said, “It used to smell like quince, but these days, I stir-fry it sweetly and call it a frying pan.”.

Lee Ha-neul Marriage

In fact, if you've been dating for 11 years, it's no exaggeration to say that you know everything about each other.

17Age difference doesn't seem to matter in front of love.

Lee Ha-neul Marriage

On the other hand, Kim Gwang-gyu was delighted with the announcement of the marriage of the burning youth Lee Ha-neul and said, "I will do the congratulatory song.".

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