BTOB's Yook Sungjae, Dia Jooeun, a dating rumor that ended in 40 minutes

Recently, rumors of dating in the entertainment industry have been quiet.

Today, BTOB Yook Sungjae and DIA Jueun's dating rumors came out.

Conclusion "The dating rumors are not true".


Yook Sungjae, Dia and Jooeun are 24 years old, and they are idol seniors and juniors of the same age..

Yook Sungjae immediately after the dating rumors came out, Dia Joo took control of this real sword

Yook Sungjae

The dating rumors of the two, which were revealed earlier, said, "We met at a place with acquaintances.. We started dating last January.”


I thought that the article was a little weak even for the general public..

There were no photos of the two of them dating, and no more specific details of their meeting came out, so even if the two were actually dating, it was enough to deny them..

Yook Sungjae

After the dating rumors were revealed, Yook Sung-jae's agency Cube Entertainment said, "After confirming Yook Sung-jae's identity, it is true that he was with his acquaintances, but the devotees are unfounded.". It is true that the two were recently at a gathering with their acquaintances, but it has been confirmed that they are not dating.”.


So Yook Sungjae, Dia and Jooeun's dating rumors ended with a happening in 40 minutes..

But today, Yook Sungjae and Dia Joo-eun's dating rumors are a bigger problem than the collapse of the Turkish exchange rate.

President Trump Calls for Release of American Pastor Andrew Brunson, Turkish Steel, Doubling tariffs on aluminum caused Turkey's economy to panic, inflation soaring and currency depreciation..

Turkey's currency is the lira. The value of the lira has fallen 23% from the previous day since the Trump administration announced on the 10th, and the exchange rate is currently plummeting..

Of course, there is a forecast that the impact of the collapse of the Turkish exchange rate on Korea will not be large, but it seems that Korean companies that trade with Turkey must have an emergency.

If it is not resolved quickly, I worry that our country will also be hit..

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