Hidden Singer 5 Announcer Jo Soo-ae seizes the real sword

Do you know JTBC Hidden Singer??

It is a broadcast where a real singer and a michang singer sing a song together on a hidden stage, and the audience finds out who the real singer is.

12Il'Hidden Singer’ SES' 'Sea' appeared and presented a wonderful stage..

Of course, the michang singers of ‘Sea’ were really great too.

Jo Soo-ae

However, JTBC announcer Jo Soo-ae, who participated as a panelist on this day, threw a reckless fastball and became controversial..

In the 2nd round of Hidden Singer, ‘Bada’ and the michang singers sang ‘I love you’ and made the stage warm..

Jo Soo-ae

그렇게 무대를 마친 후 마이크를 잡은 조수애 아나운서는 “Anyone who doesn't feel like the sea knows. 3doesn't seem to be”as “I just can't seem to sing”I threw a stone fastball called

Watching announcer Jo Soo-ae's remarks “Uh, it's dangerous to say something like that” I thought

MC Jeon Hyun-moo “3Didn't you sing even if it was the sea?”라고 물었고 바다는제가 3번에 있었으면 진짜 기분 나빴겠다. 제가 3번에 있을 수도 있는데 참 기분이 그렇다” I lifted my sad heart to announcer Jo Soo-ae..

Jo Soo-ae

Actually, the michang singers who appear in Hidden Singer are people who practice a lot and come out, and in fact, there are so many people who can't tell if they are real singers or impersonators just by hearing their voices. “I just can't seem to sing” It was clearly a very dangerous statement..

“I don't think this will just pass.” I thought that, but again, after the broadcast, there was an uproar on the Internet.

Jo Soo-ae

SNS and comments “Announcer Jo Soo-ae's last words”There was even a story saying that he became a character or not, and in the end, Jo Soo-ae's Instagram was flooded with posts asking for an apology..

However, if you listen carefully to the story of announcer Jo Soo-ae, it is clear that “바다 보다 노래를 못하시는것 같다. 그래서 바다가 아닌 것 같다” It seems to mean

Jo Soo-ae

I think this is what happened because I cut the front and back and talked.

Even if the intention is not, if many people have already misunderstood, it is clear that what you said is wrong.

Jo Soo-ae

Don't be angry looking at the comments, and I think it's good for your mental health to talk more carefully in the future and don't cut back and forth..

Announcer Jo Soo-ae apologizes

12From the afternoon of the 13th to the 13th, announcer Jo Soo-ae is continuously posting her name in real-time search terms.

Announcer Jo Soo-ae apologized for his remarks at Hidden Singer..

Jo Soo-ae

Announcer Jo Soo-ae “I had no intention of daring to disparage the participants.” saying “I will be on the show with more careful and careful remarks.” and apologized, and a jtbc official said “The on-site vice president was not in a situation to be called a slur.”saying “As announcer Jo Soo-ae is a self-reflecting and sincere announcer, I hope that it will not cause much controversy.”said.

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