Dongsang Imong 2 Han Go-eun husband Shin Young-soo couple reveals real daily life

너는 내 운명 한고은 신영수 부부

Actress Han Go-eun will appear in Dongsang Imong 2 to reveal her real life..

As the trailer was released last week, the trailer for Dong Sang Imong 2 starring Han Go-eun surpassed 200,000 views, gaining tremendous popularity..

Han Go-eun

Actress Han Go-eun

1975‘Han Go-eun’, who was born in 2016, is 43 years old this year..

He said that he went to 8 different schools in 6 years of elementary school. It was so popular in middle school that it was difficult to go to school.

He is a Korean-American actor who immigrated to the United States in his freshman year of middle school and spent his school days in the United States..

Han Go-eun started her career in the entertainment industry in 1995 by participating in the Super Elite Model Contest.

Afterwards, after working as an advertising model, she started her career as an actress by appearing in the 1998 movie 'No Sun' as Mimi..

Han Go-eun

Han Go-eun's older sister, Miss Korea

Han Go-eun's older sister Han Seong-won is also a person of considerable beauty. Han Seong-won, one year older than Han Go-eun, graduated from Yonsei University's Department of Business Administration and was a Miss Korea Beauty in 1995..

Han Go-eun

Who is Han Go-eun's husband??

Han Go-eun's husband, Shin Young-soo, is known as a home shopping MD from Korean-Americans who are 4 years younger than her.

It is said that Han Go-eun got married 101 years after meeting her husband. So, it is said that it took a little more than three months from the first meeting to marriage..

I wonder how cool someone would have gotten married so quickly

Han Go-eun

If you are curious about Han Go-eun's husband, you must watch Dong Sang Imong 2 live tonight..

“I don’t think I can say anything other than a miracle.. I'm really? it's ok?’ But such a miracle happened to me.” – Go-eun Han About marriage in 101 days

#Dongsang Imong Han Go-eun added input after broadcasting

Han Go-eun introduced herself in her husband's broadcast for the first time..

“This is the MD profession in charge of product planning at a home shopping company.”

“I'm embarrassed to appear on variety shows, and I'm withdrawn at home., It's exciting to be together, but it feels good”

Han Go-eun

“The truth is, I heard a lot of things from my parents and older brothers saying that I was 'ugly'.. The reaction was interesting when the photo appeared briefly on the air earlier.”as “‘Why did Han Go-eun marry that man??’, ‘I have a lot of money.’ Such reactions were interesting. My wife said it was fun, it was fun and she was happy. I thought positively about things that could make me laugh.” – Han Go-eun husband Shin Young-soo

Dongsang Imong 2 Go-eun Han 'Should I Break the Fantasy'

Goeun Han is chic, dodo, city ​​girl, Images such as sexy come to mind.

If you look at the preview released earlier, it shows a reversal that will make you completely forget the image of ‘Han Go-eun’.

Han Go-eun

'Han Go-eun' said about her appearance in Dongsang Imong 2, "I was grateful that I received the offer because it was a program I liked and enjoyed.", I thought it would be a good memory for us and our family in our lifetime.” said.

In Dongsang Imong 2 You Are My Destiny, the 6-day daily life of Han Go-eun and Shin Young-soo is revealed realistically.

Han Go-eun's face, Pajamas, From a frizzy head to unstoppable words and actions, attractiveness, The daily life of an actress that has never been seen on TV, such as a storm mukbang, will be revealed..

Reactions around Han Go-eun's appearance in Dongsang Dream

Han Go-eun said that she asked her close acquaintances what they thought about appearing on TV.

“Now is not the time to show you who you really are.? Shall we stop dreaming now?”

Han Go-eun

If my acquaintances say this, it seems that Han Go-eun's appearance on TV and her appearance in daily life are completely different..

Han Go-eun

“Learning is my job., Behind the scenes, please look at it prettily, thinking, ‘There is such a thing as a love like Han Go-eun.” – Goeun Han

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