Wife's Taste Byun Jeong-soo's younger brother Byun Jeong-min 12 years older than her husband

Byun Jung-soo's younger brother, Byun Jeong-min, appeared in 'Taste of Wife' and presented a delicious talk of a housewife who has been married for 14 years..

7On the daily broadcast of 'My Wife's Taste', Byun Jeong-min, who has a superior stature and genetics, appears as a special guest..

Byun Jung-min, a former model, is also more famous as the younger brother of actor Byun Jeong-soo..

Byun Jeong-min

Who is Byun Jeong-min??

As previously mentioned, Byun Jung-min is the younger brother of Byun Jeong-soo and debuted as a fashion model in 1994.

Since then, I have been working as an actor while working as a movie actor..

Byun Jeong-min

Starring Byun Jeong-min

movie : 2003 'Oh Happy Day', 2002 'Twenty-four'

broadcast : Architecture 101(appearance), Legendary Witch(special appearance), Five senses of discovery of life(Progress), tiring club(Jeongnami Station), beautiful temptation(Sinnagyeong Station)

Byun Jeong-min

My wife's taste, Byun Jeong-min

12Husband of a year older, first meeting, couple fight

Byun Jeong-min is said to have met her husband through the introduction of Choi Min-soo's wife, Kang Joo-eun..

When he decided to get married, his parents were against it..

It is said that Byun Jeong-min's parents usually did not like marrying people with a large age gap, but Byun Jeong-min persuaded them by saying, "I am the person I have to live with for the rest of my life."

Byun Jeong-min

However, the marriage was so difficult, but he confessed that he only fought for the last four years after marriage.

After getting married, they fought fiercely even over the smallest of things, and even the testimony of Lee Hwi-jae who witnessed the couple's fight on the street..

Byun Jeong-min

Who is Byun Jung-min's husband??

Byun Jeong-min's husband, Choi Jin-young, is a Canadian-born, international lawyer who works as a partner for a foreign investment company..

Byun Jeong-min

Byun Jung-Min Recent Updates

Byun Jeong-min, who is raising a happy family with two daughters, majored in 'Interior Architecture'.

Currently, I am working as a designer for ‘BN Works’, including lectures on interior architecture.

Byun Jeong-min

BNworks started as a small card made by Jeongmin Byun to convey his feelings to his acquaintances and has now grown into a stationery brand with a trendy design..

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