Kim Sa-rang Suspected forcibly admitted to a mental hospital, not actress Kim Sa-rang

I was surprised to see the internet.

When I saw the real-time search term ‘Kim Sa-rang Psychiatric Hospital’, I was really surprised.

When I clicked on the news, there was a story about Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung and Kim Sa-rang.

It was the content that Governor Lee Jae-myung had nothing to do with Kim Sa-rang's alleged forced admission to a mental hospital.

No, I searched for a long time, what is this?


It wasn't the actress Kim Sa-rang we know, but someone else with the same name..

I'm really surprised

The actress Kim Sa-rang we know is still pretty today.

Kim Sarang

Kim Sarang

On Instagram, he said, “The best summer resort is the studio.!There is a picture of Kim Sa-rang that I took while working hard with the words "

Governor Jae-myung Lee, I don't know why you are talking so much. Anyway, I hope it goes well..

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