Lee Jae-myung's wife's phone call transcript released, mentioning 'forced hospitalization'

A transcript of a phone call from Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung's wife, Kim Hye-kyung, saying that her husband, Lee Jae-myung, tried to forcibly hospitalize her older brother, Lee Jae-sun, has been released..

4The contents of a phone call between Kim Hye-kyung, wife of Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung, and Lee, the daughter of Lee Jae-seon, the older brother of Lee Jae-myung, are rapidly spreading through social media..

Mrs. Jaemyung Lee

Next is Mrs. Lee Jae-myung(A) and Lee Jae-sun's daughter, Mrs. Lee(B)의 통화 내용입니다.

B : Hello

A : Hello

B: Yes

A : I'm a little mom

B : Yes

A : Did you not get it because you were sleeping?

B : yeah i'm sleeping right now.

A : Uh, answer the phone, I'm sorry, but my little mom saw your text message early in the morning.

B : Yes

Mrs. Jaemyung Lee

A : So, what kind of false information did the little mother spread?

B : It's a little bit like this from this morning....

A : Auntie... Ah.. That lady over there doesn't have time

B : Then time..

A : I won't send texts from you to the cleaning lady, nor to the street cleaning lady.

How did you look at the elders in the household ㅇㅇ You and uh~ Do you have phone manners that you can't do to a homeless couple in your house?

Mrs. Jaemyung Lee

B : ….

A : yes what i .. I told you. From the perspective of mom and dad, you said you would think so, so my little mom said she wouldn't tell me. Listen to your mom.

It's okay until you say that you judge

B : Yes

A : But how could you send such a text message to little mother

I'm not an adult, though

B : no... ..

A : uh in the house! I'm the homeless aunt on the street

B : You're not an adult.

A : beep~~~

B : this year

A : I'm not an adult

B : Yes

Mrs. Jaemyung Lee

A : Hey, say it again you

B : You're not an adult.

A : Yeah okay I'm like this, your dad's forced hospitalization I stopped you

B : What are you doing really

A : okay

B : Are you threatening

A : You spread false information, I will show you that it is not false.

Call hung up...

Mrs. Jaemyung Lee

Earlier, Bareunmirae Party candidate Kim Young-hwan for Gyeonggi governor claimed during the last local elections, "Mr. Kim Hye-kyung told her nephew, 'I prevented your little father from forcibly hospitalizing your father, but I will not stop you because I see what you are doing.'" It was also said that there is a transcript of a phone call acknowledging the forced admission of the psychiatric hospital.

Mrs. Jaemyung Lee

Recent scandal with actor Kim Bu-seon, Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung, who was suffering from rumors of gang gang involvement while serving as the mayor of Seongnam, this time, a transcript of a call stating that his brother Lee Jae-sun was forced to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital was released, and he is falling into a more difficult situation..

On the other hand, the Bundang Police Station held the Bundang Public Health Center and the Seongnam City Mental Health Promotion Center on July 11., We have sent about 10 investigators to three locations including the Seongnam Nambu branch of the National Health Insurance Corporation to conduct a search and seizure..

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