The real story plot of the movie 'Black Venus Incident' as Park Chae-seo as Hwang Jung-min Who is he??

The movie ‘The Peacock’ is based on the true story of Park Chae-seo, a spy who went to North Korea..

1990The Ministry of National Security Planning, which operated under the code name ‘Black Venus’ in the mid-19’s(Current National Intelligence Service) Park Chae-seo, who served as an officer at the Armed Forces Intelligence Command with the story of a special agent, was active as a North Korean operative in the Ministry of National Security in 1993.(64)I use Mr. as an existential model.


movie peacock plot

Actor Hwang Jung-min took on the role of Park Chae-seo, codenamed Heuk Geum-seong, in the movie Duke..

Hwang Jung-min is scouted from the Intelligence Command to the National Security Agency and is ordered to infiltrate the high-level inside North Korea to discover the reality of North Korea's nuclear program.

Hak-seong Choi, Head of Overseas Office of Ministry of Security and Public Administration(Cho Jin-woong)While no one other than the president and the president know about the reality of Black Venus, Hwang Jung-min disguises himself as a North Korean businessman and Ri Myeong-un, a high-ranking North Korean official in Beijing.(Seongmin Lee)He approaches and builds a strong trust with Lee Myung-woon over the years..

Hwang Jung-min and Heuk Venus succeed in gaining the trust of the North Korean authorities through Lee Myung-woon and Lee Seong-min.


In fact, Park Chae-seo of the Black Venus met in person with Kim Jong-il in 1996 in an interview..


However, just before the 1997 election, Black Venus detects a covert transaction between the leaders of the South and the North..

peacock character relationship

The plot of the movie 'The Duke' contains the story from the moment Black Venus becomes a secret agent of the Ministry of Security and Security to the point where his identity is exposed due to the betrayal of the Ministry of Security and Security..


Organized the case of ‘Heuk Venus’, a secret agent of the Ministry of National Security, who went to North Korea

Heukgeumseong Major Park Chae-seo plans a plan to take advantage of the financial difficulties facing North Korea. As a result, Park So-ryung, who was an elite, begins to transform into an incompetent and dissatisfied officer..

He borrowed money from a fellow officer frequently and did not pay it back, until he was branded as bad credit..


The reason he came out of the intelligence headquarters while damaging his image was 'piggyback', and he did not engage in the North Korean infiltration project alone, but supported a businessman who is passionate about the North Korean business and 'piggybacked' there to realize the North Korean invasion. did it.


Park Chae-seo approaches Park Ki-young, who discovered actress Chae Shi-ra. Since the late 1980s, Park Ki-young, who has been dreaming of a way to film a South Korean mine in North Korea, is because Park Chae-seo was the best person to hide her identity and enter North Korea..


Park Chae-seo, who moved to Park Ki-young's neighbor's house, succeeded in building a acquaintance with Park Ki-young, and in 1995,(AZA)You will have a business card for founding a company called '.


Communication Aja means “Aja” shouting to work hard, and it is said to have the meaning of going from A to Z and then back to A..


After the establishment of Aja, Park Chae-seo and Heukgeumseong searched for a way to shoot advertisements in North Korea through Lee Cheol, etc. of the Beijing representative of the ‘Gwangmyeong Provincial Economic Association’. This organization, named after Kim Jong-il, is in charge of economic cooperation with South Korea.


At that time, North Korea was in severe economic hardship due to the first nuclear crisis in 1993 following the collapse of the Eastern Bloc around 1990..

1996In North Korea's New Year's Address in 2014, 'March of Difficulties' was advocated. Using this point, Chae-seo Park approached the North Korean leadership with the bait that the commercial filming business would be beneficial to North Korea. succeed.


Park Chae-seo's business grew rapidly, and based on the monopoly of filming advertisements in North Korea, she promoted a case of filming a mobile phone Anycall advertisement in North Korea with Samsung Electronics, and also obtained the exclusive right to film a TV in North Korea.. Based on this, Park Chae-seo collaborated with MBC in 1997, and he was 43 years old that year..


Park Chae-seo was able to carry out her successful activities because she had her own secret. It was because she had received North Korean intelligence well, but she also boldly handed over information from the South.. They also met secretly with journalists and opposition politicians to provide high-quality, high-level information while establishing separate networks..


1998When the conservative government's presidential candidate lost the first defeat and President Kim Dae-jung was elected in 2016, the 'North Wind' became the subject of investigation by the prosecution. The existence of Black Venus was revealed in a document released by the Ministry of Security and Public Administration at this time..


This made it possible for those who had contact with Black Venus to disassociate itself with Black Venus..


Why is Black Venus a double spy??

While searching for materials related to Black Venus, I came across an article in the Sisa Journal dated April 2, 1998..

The article was titled “The 16-month coverage diary on the relationship of trust with Heuk Venus,” and this article contained detailed records about Heuk Venus..

Then why did Black Venus get the stigma of being a double spy?


Heuk Venus came into contact with North Korean leaders, and what I learned was the North's intervention in the 'Presidential Election'..

According to the Sisa Journal, Black Venus started meeting with opposition politicians to prevent North Korea from interfering in the presidential election.

That politician was a member of the National Assembly, Jeong Dong-young..

However, it is said that he was skeptical of the story of Heuk Venus in the early days. However, as the North Korean incident of Oikje broke out, the warning of Heuk Venus became a reality, and the National Assembly formed a North Wind Countermeasure Team led by Rep. Cheon Yong-taek as the team leader..

Then, in September 1997, Daewoo Group Chairman Kim Woo-joong made a secret visit to North Korea during the Chuseok holiday through the North Korean hotline and informed Rep. Jeong Dong-young.


The National Assembly, which was keen on the deal between the ruling party and the North Korean side, from that time on, met Heuk Venus with Cheon Yong-taek and Jeong Dong-young at a hotel in Yeouido..


Heuk Venus, who frequently met with two members of the National Assembly, was eventually exposed to the Inspection Room of the Ministry of Security and Security., watch, eavesdropping has begun.

In response, Black Venus intentionally posted a false information report in a situation where it had to report why they were meeting with two members of the National Assembly, and part of the document was contained in the document ‘Report on Foreign Agents Information’..

After that, the identity of a special agent called Black Venus was revealed..

However, unlike his report, a significant portion of the documents reported by Heuk Venus were compiled after the 15th presidential election, and the Hankyoreh reported it alone, resulting in the stigma of being a double spy..


1998In the announcement of the results of the investigation by the prosecution on May 2, 2015, Chae-seo Park was released from charges of double espionage by revealing that "Park Chae-seo is an operative equivalent to a level 4 operative of the Ministry of Security and Security.".


1998In 2015, Park Chae-seo's Community Aja filed a lawsuit for damages of 7.7 billion won against the state..

Heuk Venus Expiry Release

▲ Heuk Venus, released on May 31, 2016 after 6 years of maturity

After that, Park Chae-seo continued her activities with North Korea and handed over the outline of “Operation Plan 5027,” a wartime warfare plan for the ROK-U.S. combined forces during the Roh Moo-hyun regime, to a North Korean agent in Beijing..

As a result, he was sentenced to six years in prison for violating the National Security Act in 2010 during the Lee Myung-bak administration..


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