Casino Girl Group Gambling SES ‘Shu’ Eugene's name mentioned in public divorce rumors

It turns out that the main character of 'Girl Group Gambling', which heated up the Internet, was SES member 'Shu'.


Famous Celebrity A from a girl group(37)There was a report that was accused of fraud by borrowing 600 million won from a casino and failing to pay it back..

When information was provided that famous celebrity Mr. A was a foreigner, 'Eugene' from SES was pointed out.

Eugene immigrated to Guam when he was in elementary school, and since his initials are A, the number of comments that the celebrity is Eugene has increased.


Afterwards, the name of 'Eugene' was ranked together with 'Girl Group Gambling' in the search terms of the portal, and Eugene denied that it was her..

In addition, 'Shu' from SES was also mentioned along with Eugene.

Shu is also a foreigner of Japanese nationality. In Korea, his Japanese name is Yoo Soo-young. His Japanese name is Kunimitsu Shu..


On the internet, Eugene was more talked about than Shu, and Shu, who was watching this, finally opened his mouth..


‘슈’는 인터뷰를 통해 문제가 된 연예인이 자신이라고 밝혔는데요

Shu said, "I decided to reveal my real name after seeing the suspicion of my beloved Eugene's name appearing on real-time search queries..


Shu said, "I happened to go to the casino by chance at a hotel I was looking for for a break with an acquaintance.", He said, "I didn't even know much about gambling and casinos to the extent that I knew for the first time at the time that people with permanent residency could enter a casino business in Korea, and I visited for the first time out of curiosity.".


He continued, “I lost a lot of money in a situation where I didn’t know the rules of gambling, and I became in debt, and the vicious cycle was repeated in a situation where I couldn’t pay off high interest.”.

Regarding the gambling funds of 600 million, "It is clear that I owe a large amount of 600 million, but, I didn't spend the entire amount for gambling," he explained, "including money borrowed for personal unavoidable circumstances.". I promise to repay the borrowed money and never cause a scandal again.”.


After Shu's interview, her husband Lim Hyo-seong also said in an interview, "As a husband, I would like to express my deepest apologies to those who were disappointed by my wife Shu's scandal." “I promise to pay back all the money I borrowed by doing my best.”.

In addition “There are speculations such as friction between divorced couples, but none of them are true.. People come before money” saying “As a husband, I promise to do my best to lead the family on the right path.” said.


The incident took place last June.

Park, an American, at Paradise Walkerhill Casino in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul.(35)350 million won in casino check and Mr. Korean Oh(42)Shu, who borrowed 250 million won and 600 million won from Shu, did not repay the money, so in the end, Mr. Park and Mr. Oh, who lent the money, sued Shu for fraud..


Meanwhile, Shu is a habitual gambler because it happened in a hotel casino where foreigners are allowed to gamble., There is no chance of being punished for gambling charges..

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