90Popular singers of the generation Gapjil NO! Eul's counterattack in response to Gap's tyranny is the correct expression

Ulhwachimin customer complaint turned into Gapjil

Land Rover buys a new car, doesn't fix the 3rd breakdown

Recently, there seems to be one case of fire news of BMW vehicles a day..

When I think that my car is running and I don't know when it might catch fire, I'm afraid I won't be able to get in the car.

land rover discovery price

Another foreign car had an accident today at a time when the outlook on the foreign car was not good..

It's the Land Rover Discovery. It's a fairly expensive vehicle among foreign cars. The cheapest vehicle is the Land Rover Discovery Sport vehicle, which costs 60 million won, and the highest price, the Land Rover Discovery, is a nonsensical vehicle that costs 195 million won..


However, it is said that the car that was purchased with such a high price broke down three times in less than two years after purchase.

90popular singer of the year

Even if I myself am the owner of the vehicle, tantrums seem to be rising..


Due to a report released through the media on the 1st, today, when the word ‘popular singer Gapjil in the 90s’ comes up in real-time search terms, an official notice is issued.


However, the information published in the media seems to be too biased.


To summarize the case, popular singer A in the 90s bought a Land Rover vehicle and broke down 3 times within two years..

In response, Mr. A went to the store and made a riot.

As a result, CCTV footage and transcripts of the riots at the store were released to the media..


As a result, the word ‘popular singer Gapjil in the 90s’ came up in search terms.

But is this really bullshit??


From our point of view, it seems that car companies that sell defective products to consumers and hold on with their guts are doing a bad job..


Even if you look at the interview in the reported content, it seems that the car company did not compensate for it..


And I think it's more accurate to say 'Eul's counterattack in response to the tyranny of Gap' rather than 'Gapjil of a popular singer in the 90s'..

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