'Ras’ Apink Son Na-eun's ideal boyfriend is an athlete?

Na-eun Son of Apink is the first member to appear on Radio Star..

1Son Na-eun on Il Radio Star , Jongmin Kim, Goo Jun-yeop, Kim Jung-hoon appeared as a special feature of 'You're making a sound of ripping your face off'.


Gu Jun-yeop, who appeared together on that day, looked at Na-eun and said, "I don't know much about girl groups, but I've seen this friend a lot.. I saw it in the music video for Sai, and I thought, 'I wondered how pretty I was chosen among many idols'.".

Naeun Son Plastic Surgery, Fuck Natural Beauty!

Yoon Jong-shin said to Son Na-eun, "I saw it for the first time and it seems like a natural beauty" and "Honestly, if I had done a little, I think I did well naturally."


To this, Naeun Son replied, “Uh.. I saw him for the first time today..” He said something completely different. Then Kim Gura said, “Don’t talk like that,” and “This friend is also thinking about it in his head.” says it's the first time I've seen you today. I'm telling you to stop talking about it." He laughed..


Naeun Son Unrequited Love Idol TWICE Tzuyu?

Na-eun Son, who said that she received a dash from many male celebrities at the beginning of her debut, recently confessed that she has a crush on an idol.

It was a woman, not a man..


It was TWICE's Tzuyu.

Na-eun Son said, “I saw TWICE Tzuyu while watching junior singers’ stages.” “It was so pretty.. I saw Tzuyu at the MBC ‘Idol Athletics Championships’ and her personality was exactly the same as when I first debuted, so something caught my eye.”.


Son Na-eun, the iron woman?

Regarding the image of a strong woman, 'Naeun Son' said, "It was her original personality, and there was an entertainment ban at the beginning of her debut.. So when I was contacted, I politely and politely declined.. Because of that, I had such a strong image that no one approached me.”.


Naeun Son's ideal type?

Regarding her ideal type, ‘Naeun Son’ picked a man who is masculine and friendly and said, “I get along like a friend with my mother., My mom likes sportswear very much. I like sports in all sports, not just baseball.. Son Heung-min of the World Cup recently, He saw the lead and said it was ok.. My mom is a Giants fan, so Dae-ho Lee likes him too.”

So Naeun Son's ideal boyfriend will become the athlete that her mother likes??


Naeun Son's mother??

Naeun Son says that she always goes with her mother.

When asked how he met his friends, he said, “I always go out with my mom.. mama take me, They come and do everything.” He also showed a special mother-daughter relationship..

Son Na-eun's younger sister Son Sae-eun 175cm beautiful golfer

Kim Seung-soo's Ideal Type Son Na-eun Age Doesn't Matter

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