Choi hidden reason why private swallowing her husband nine years old

Choi Ji Woo's agency YG Entertainment said her husband was a representative of the company are right that Sean aepeulrike 9 years younger.

Before dispatching the 'life of the app is nine years younger husband, Choi posted a wedding last March 29’ Neundeyo representative said that application

It is said that those reports are true.

Choi husband

At the time her husband is gonna marry Choi said that the ordinary white-collar and fellowship a year

Fate of two people that I'm starting from 2014

Choi husband

Choi then had her husband's aunt started a partnership with a friend at the time had the support of Choi Ji Woo.

Initially met with investors seem to have gradually developed a relationship

Choi husband

Choi husband

In addition, the two people I'd say that nine-year-old student nayicha 1975 Choi Ji Woo and her husband live in 1984.

The agency did not disclose Choi is a statue of a business or other useless things, given the prejudice to the due haetgi determined to be a burden to each other Choi husband, why she did not disclose her husband's personal.



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