Lee Dong Wook Lee to break the resin Comeback solo

Men are getting celebrities noted for its resin and yeolaeseol As delivered the news broke of the resin I and Lee Dong Wook.


Lee Dong Wook was the second man in the resin is the official devotees

Or through neundeyo October 2013 is a former model and actress Sung Joon yeolaeseol news appeared to escort safely the resin from the 'Gu Family Book' passed on, but the agency preached the official position is not a devotee.


Resin, while the March 2015 Actor Lee Min Ho and yeolaeseol emitter prevailed at the time of dispatch publicly acknowledged the photos Resin Lee dating devotee said sagwinji was about 1 month.


Since neundeyo September of that year, Lee passed on the resin broke news 22 days, but the two sides is the agency did not break the saying "unfounded", but was delivered the news broke last November.


Lee Min Ho and Lee Dong Wook resin devotees broke the news in March is not much news this year was said to have delivered.


But this time neundeyo yet passed on the news broke in just four months devotees

I'd say "I'm busy schedule naturally broke up."


Fans watching the news broke in two in the sad eyes.

Especially in the public a devotee 4 months break is indeyo parts that can need something to himself


However, the resin is now 25 years old and youth are not only beautiful flowers and love is also one that might break.

Sad heart to break, but could not help the appearance of the resin eastern Oog two people back to work nicely in their field fans are really looking forward to.


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