Secrets and lies ohseungah his first villain Challenge 'sinhwagyeong’

Y. hwangmina quelques hasigil juste l'amour de toute façon -

MBC drama "Secrets and lies’ Ohseungah akyeon challenge

The first challenge is ohseungah life villain.

25One first broadcast mbc drama "Secrets and lies are’ In ohseungah will challenge the first villain.

In fact, if there is no villain character in the Daily Face drama really fun eopjyo

The temptation of his wife, Kim Seo-hyung’ , Oh La breezes blow, Im Soo-hyang ', Barley has chapters' Lee Yoo-ri’ It's a fact that people who enjoyed greater popularity than those dramas hero

Ohseungah also in this 'secrets and lies' beyond expectations great villain of the drama Face villain stick.

Face is also a wonderful masterpiece, can I ask hopefully be a masterpiece.




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