Im Soo-hyang chaeun Wu 'My ID is beautiful Jiangnan’

JTBC new drama "My identity is Jiangnan beauty’ The jieotgo chaeun Wu confirmed the debut of Astro Group Im Soo-hyang has been known under review.

23Wu agency is one chaeun “My username is decided Gangnam beautiful appearance”I said that.

Im Soo-hyang right chaeun

Real Madrid have the same name as the original “My username is beautiful Jiangnan” It is the story of a live saesam through plastic surgery character gangmirae drawn artwork chaeun Wu has served as a stone station hero in the movie dogyeong.

Im Soo-hyang right chaeun

Chaeun this friendship "My identity is Jiangnan beauty’ After a debut appearance for the first time will launch a full-fledged actor drama activities it has been chosen as the hero.

Also, I'd like jungyirago heroine lead actor imsu fragrance review

Im Soo-hyang right chaeun

Im Soo-hyang is the agency of “It received the proposal is still being correct, but Im Soo-hyang own review.” Innovation “Not a fixed thing”I said that.

Im Soo-hyang right chaeun

Im Soo-hyang's' My identity of the actress Im Soo-hyang in that 20 to see Real Madrid also believe the character I'd sink rate is significantly higher Jiangnan beauty’ There are high expectations on the decision appeared.

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