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Misty Kim Nam-joo Earrings goldeundyu’

About Kim Nam-joo'd earrings in 12 episodes, Misty.

Kim Nam-joo through the Misty again, "Ladies wanpan’ It's lice and the title of Kim Nam-joo's fashion Misty am become a topic every time after the broadcast

As well as fashion turn become all things to the topic Hair cosmetics Kim Nam-joo


Especially in this Misty Kim Nam-joo it has been released for the styling for women in kkultip 'sexy anchors "that styling points.

In the Misty Kim Nam-joo is nawatdago I'd wear them most of the clothes they are in drama director

Kim Nam-joo is just the ultimate fashion've gathered since his debut to whether the 'Misty'.



Misty, 12 episodes Kim Nam-joo earrings

Now go to the point to introduce Kim Nam-joo earrings in the last 12 episodes.

News director Lee Gyeung-young to talk to the scene and caught two bodoguk senior Lee Ah-hyun Kim Nam-joo of the proposal of Kim Nam-joo than humcheo Scene, Indeyo earrings worn by Kim Nam-joo is on the scene to speak with Ji Jin-hee


These products goldeundyu of 'Amor drop(Pearl)’ Earrings.


I'm at the end of this white gold chain hanging hold up the Pearl can pass through any part of a chain or earring post're free to adjust the length is capable guy.

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