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Lim Ju-eun

I fully simkung Lim Ju-eun Yoon Doojoon balchikhan living dindin

Balchikhan living Lim Ju-eun Yoon Doojoon and two men dindin

8The live broadcast of Lim Ju-eun and Yoon Doojoon dindin will be broadcast live on balchikhan.

Entertainment program that has a whopping two months gyeolbang to mbc strike have been normalized one, it's pretty room of John

In particular, the 'living balchikhan' mbc strike was the representative arts is the first broadcast.

Lim Ju-eun


Broadcast live performers are ahead balchikhan am become a name olrimyeo agent in real-time searches

Especially balchikhan living Lim Ju-eun Yoon Doojoon dindin This has become a hot topic.

Lim Ju-eun

Yoon Doojoon is boyeojundago I'd like a yo seknam look ppeolppeol shed the sweat ribs and chicken dishes that I demonstrate the skills accumulated in the food and food-related TV shows for no filtration

Lim Ju-eun

Also it gives dindin is weighed directly into the Lim Ju-eun blackout curtains I'd like a room that creates a mysterious mood

Pick up finish moved by the explosive charm of Lim Ju-eun two people “I fully simkung”Jieotdago said to laughter.

Lim Ju-eun

Lim Ju-eun

The balchikhan be broadcast live on the 8th house is the dindin Lim Ju-eun Yoon Doojoon dindin, Yura Beagle Sister, Exhaust, Kim Minjong, And starring the entertainer loan Girls and Infinite seonggyu.

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