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Goalkeeper Kim Byung-ji pony tail nerve damage in a traffic accident legend

김병지 골키퍼의 전설 교통사고 신경 손상

Kim Byung-ji former football player and paraplegic symptoms complained of by accident.

Through SNS “It can not come back to the lower body sensation” Kim Byung-ji has been informed that emerged after the late sequelae of traffic accident ten days ago found a hospital shocked As the test results revealed nerve damage.

Kim Byung-ji

Kim Byung-ji

Kim Byung-ji has received a lot of love from the fans to start a second life as a commentator, retired from active duty last year.

Kim Byung-ji is famous indeyo minutes by thorough self-management than anyone else to the player with the longest active K-League record

In an interview ahead of his retirement “This should not drink a bottle of drinking far” Innovation “Going to eat a bath for seniors forced to recommend a drink was dedicated only to football”He did balhigido

Kim Byung-ji

It is only the thought of football and not think he even lived with a very weird kind of way that Kim Byung-ji is not an exaggeration to say life paraplegic symptoms that Kim Byung-ji I'd think the sky is falling day

Kim Byung-ji

Please by all means must pray earnestly hasigil the damaged nerves recovered back healthy.

Kim Byung-ji

“We can do more scoring, but, Goalkeeper Republic of Korea is so extraordinary that did not put more goals” – 1998Years' humiliation of Marseille’ At the time the Netherlands national football team coach, Geoseu Hidingkeu’

Kim Byung-ji

Shame of Marseille Iran

1998In the 16th FIFA World Cup Round of 16 before the French Open in South Korea : Says former Netherlands.

IMF로 인한 경제적 어려움에 시달리며 월드컵 16강 진출이라는 꿈을 단번에 날려 버린 경기로 당시 경기를 벌였던 곳이 프랑스 마르세유 축구 경기장 있다. Because 'shame Marseille’ It was.

Kim Byung-ji

But the defeat to the Netherlands've had a radiant player, and that player then immediately at the time of Kim Byung-ji Dutch coach, Geoseu Hidingkeu’ 는 골키터 김병지를 극찬 하기도 했습니다.

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