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Park Sujin

Clarification Samsung Hospital, Park, Soo - Jin Bae Yong-ICU visitation privileges, however..

Samsung Medical Center has the ICU visitation privileges clarification of doubts related to the wife of actor Bae Yongjun Park Sujin.

Samsung Hospital 28 days “Grandparents under medical judgment is also possible to access. In addition, the results confirm that the hospital minutes(Writer)Grandparents also come in is determined that the visitation”Innovation “There was no preferential Artists”I said that.

The author is “I try to call me a death sentence visitation” That is the debate jeopeodeuneun appearance in a new phase in which refute.

Park Sujin

Before last month of pregnancy,delivery,Start glow listed on parenting community would put

Writer(A Mr.)It is “26Our son was born to share 980g. Born on November 9 last year lived for 75 days and went to heaven in the end of January, "he pointed out haetneundeyo the neonatal intensive care unit of the hospital management issues

Park Sujin

Mr. A had explained his son detail the process of hospitalization that were periods hospital could beds neonatal increase until death undergo a son, the treatment with the fact that the Corporation is of the disputed cases Bae Yong Joon in the hospital neonatal intensive care unit·Park Sujin claimed the couple received a portion of the budget, including visiting hours.


Following that article as the proliferation As addition to rumors that Bae Yong Joon Park, Soo - Jin couple to interrupt the sequence incubator newborn's death was the original order “Park Sujin incubator controversy” This issue has been.


The Park Sujin has set out to explain with hand written letters directly to their Instagram last 27 days.

Park Sujin is “Like to apologize for the recent problems being raised over the Internet differently and distortion of the facts part I would like to tell the facts” And he said neundeyo scribbled


Park Sujin is “Issues relating to accompany and bring food manager minutes was only areas that can bring, Neonatal intensive care unit managers minute walk or a fact that there are no import food into the inner chamber” Innovation “It was night and I wanted to show the actions of doctors who thanksgiving sufferers, this was also my jarb think.”He preached.


In addition, with regard to the ICU visitation “It was my parents accompany the Intensive Care Unit visiting Syrian true. For me, it was the first birth, God will come out a little early, I think that was the judgment blurred. It was not the right decision. For its part and deep reflection.” He preached.


Also it regards incubator hospital order “Incubators rumors concerning admitted ordering Unveils totally not true.”Before that haetneundeyo

Arrows of criticism after the clarification of article Park Sujin will be a clarification from the hospital about this haetneundeyo toward the hospital ICU visitation issues.

Meanwhile, Mr. A wrote the first article has pointed out the 28th haetneundeyo again described the new posts Park Sujin and the Incubators and hospital information management issues that were on the phone.

Park Sujin

Park Sujin

Park Sujin

Park Sujin

At the time, Mr. A had a caesarean section this I found his former mother pushing a wheelchair at the time of ICU nurses said I was fired swelling doendamyeo grandparent visitation only parents preached that the two seemed to talk.

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