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I chose Kang Min-ho, Samsung

I was surprised to see the full article.

Samsung Lions, Lotte veteran catcher Kang Min-ho miracles disgrace….

Anyone Kang Min-ho was in fact leaving nine players to everyone who loves baseball indeyo overjoyed

Kang Min-ho

That's not just by joining the Lotte Giants in 2004 year body contains a whopping 13 years until the 2017 season, the players himself, this Samsung Lions, Lotte was transferred to the team more surprising news that the spindle.

Kang Min-ho

In fact, Kang Min-ho, I think I have a player who would not retire from Lotte

Kang Min-ho

I do not know what the hell happened to you

I look at an article I'd suggest that conditions such as Samsung, Lotte

Kang Min-ho

Conditions were 80 million in the four-year contract.

If such conditions malyijyo I think you certainly remain in the Lotte

Kang Min-ho

Kang Min-ho about this player “10The teams leave the body, putting them year was a really tough decision.” He said Samsung has given recognize the future value. And I could feel the sincerity of the sincere Samsung”Haetneundeyo say

Kang Min-ho

We seem to need a little attention to this part yogiseo.

I suggest Lotte, Samsung, Samsung's part of the same conditions that are played recognize the value of the future, Kang Min-ho

Kang Min-ho

"The value of the future’ This part of the story, but whether anything

Im certainly attractive enough to leave the proposal seems to be no doubt his former team Lotte.

Kang Min-ho


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