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Jigil mature enough resin Lee Minho split Love

Resin was Lee Minho couples split.

2015Recognizing the fact that devotees March resin is Lee Minho became the official showbiz couple

But after starting the devotee was back between seonhubae million in three years.

16A resin Lee Minho broke the news as a public through a press agency, JYP Entertainment resin “Result that it is two people were confirmed to me recently split” The official said it recognizes the resin immigration cow split.


Domestic fans broke the news of the sudden the two men ohdeon the model of the entertainment industry as well as couples and am continuing comfort and support to overseas fans


Some fans resins “He was dating advice often” Saying, “From this point it seems to have already had prepared a farewell”That enhance the comfort of voice.


He would do that the resin is January Naver TV 'ohpeudeo last record, Suzy”in “Wondering Chan and Park Jinyoung PD” Lee Minho and haetneundeyo the story of the relationship of


At the time the resin “Meet with Park Jinyoung PD companies and more than a reason to talk about the baby.” Innovation “It seems to have been little consultation yeonyae. Gingham gear would primarily when talking to drink liquor smells no good”Said “These days, most often to chindeul”Was told,.


Haebomyeon think now speak of the resin at the time I was beginning to think that a story about your relationship with Lee Minho



The resin had a gun that story in a broadcast that already makes you think whether it implied parting with Lee Minho.

The currently leads online, netizens have commented over the top of the resin Lee Minho.


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