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With God

Ha Cha Taehyeon Ju Ji Hoon Kim Hyanggi with God Ma Dong-Seok ever-class casting

The best times to see highly anticipated production 'with God' was held in the second half of the 14th Lotte Cinema Konkuk University entry point.
God is the one with the same name of the deceased on the work of the underworld in the popular Real Madrid share Homin artist to draw a story happening receive a trial in hell Seven films for 49 days with the underworld Inc. and tertiary guiding him to as original.

With God
God is with '200 Pounds Beauty', National athlete', The works director Kim Yong-hwa made over a whopping six years from planning to shooting "Mr. Go".

Kim Yong-hwa director was also convey that "is in Publisher and read to him look to buy Real Madrid with God. I saw heedless of the passage of time," he said, "the main Homin writer was packed shock to the insights and emotions inside although no work much older then.".

With God
God is with indeyo viscosity agent, but the cast also had a popular topic in the original Real Madrid
God, the actor with Ha, Lee Jeongjae, Cha Taehyeon, Ju Ji Hoon, Kim Hyang-gi, Kim Donguk, Dogyeongsu, Kim Haneul, Kim Haesuk, Lee Gyeung-young stars such as Chungmuro ​​haetneundeyo chongchuldong

With God
8In addition to the brilliant acting of the leading stars of director Kim Yong-hwa made 'the right of Real Madrid in 2 hours and 10 minutes planning and video also have no doubt that will double the fun as watching a movie.

First, God is with Lee Jeongjae I'd like a special guest appearance by Yama, which oversees the limbo world
Start with friendship'm appearances but has a whopping 30 shots Recurrence Lee Jeongjae I was the original devil I'd received suggested a very small role as the Great shooting time even longer in a couple of days worth with God, but after a few days received a proposal Yama.

With God
Lee Jeongjae "The scenario is also not looking devil comes out not knowing about the Great One had one knew. But only the costumes special makeup test took three days because Yama. Deoni read the KJV scenario he come up Part 2 "and" he came to shoot 30 Recurrence production briefing today. I do not know, our friendship is gipeot preached that ".

Ha is with God, "the coming of took on the role of leader and lawyer underworld car accident," said "There is a curious character called the Original Real Madrid will be carried out until the coming of the mission of the rare films. He preached that the car also takes on Hong defense at trial that progress. ".
Cha Taehyeon is gonna got a righteous Souls' chahong Station receives underworld underworld trial seven times during the 49 days trigeminal Inc.

With God
Movies I read the comic books 'with God' placed on the set while shooting a week later was starring proposal with God "haetneundeyo ago called" the original is, it's wondering what will happen implemented in movies time it must not know is that I will be casting "and" week the scenario came to me after. Lee underworld characters such as a car accident came to me was not preached as I wanted to geoguna the role chahong ".

In addition, there was with God and won home car accident that took the dogyeongsu Kim Donguk is the successor to the army, won Pfc 'Station' suhong 'in' suhong Station which is an opportunity to intervene in this world.

With God
Oh Dal-su, as well as Lim Wonhui and Kim Haneul is to help judges the progress of the trial limbo, Kim Haesuk, Lee Gyeongyoung, Field light, Jeong Haegyun, Kim Suan will emerge each with a different personality to the underworld judges.

Meanwhile, the agent is a past-class cast, with God 'comes first part opened on December 20 and is scheduled for release in the second part of next year with God.

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