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Bae Hyun-jin anchor gimjanggyeom MBC president delivered directly to dismiss the strike withdrawn

Bae Hyun-jin anchor preached directly to cool the news of the dismissal MBC president gimjanggyeom.
Bae Hyun-jin anchor said, "MBC major shareholder Broadcasting Culture Promotion Board and MBC shareholders' meeting has been sacked gimjanggyeom president," he said "gave political responses are staggered rebound of welcoming voices and sources void of sapil provisions" in MBC Newsdesk 13 days calmly gave the knight.

Bae Hyun-jin anchor haetneundeyo joined the MBC announcer bonds in 2008 to start a full-fledged news anchor career June 12, 2010 through the World Cup Special Weekend News Desk

2013Years has also worked as a reporter to get off the last news desk to November 15 Broadcast News Desk.
Since it returns to 8:00 on weekdays News task in 2014 and serves as an anchor so far.
Bae Hyun-jin at anchor since it joined the strike in 2012 haetneundeyo strike declared all men to 103 days in May 2012 the 11th strike suddenly withdrawn and the union withdrew ferns events, Figo daecheop events are the figures that are being delivered As gopji eye.

Bae Hyun-jin ferns events?
Bae Hyun-jin brushing incident Yang Yungyeong news and events Pocky indeyo Yang Yungyeong reporter Bae Hyun-jin anchor events just playing the water received by the personnel changes triggered after a writing gyeongwiseo non-production departments admonition to brush your teeth

Bae Hyun-jin driven daecheop
I have driven house during a match announcer sindongjin Bae Hyun-jin mathyeot the ball on the anchor leg of the event received a week later after greeting issued.

At the time sindongjin announcer it was before "just what you'm not intentionally trying to hit Mr. Bae Hyun-jin. This does neundeyo said he did not want to avoid, "he said" And this was exactly transferred to the MD jujojeongsil week later "
Following preached that "at the time of the official announcement muleotdeoni reason to sindongho director" We received an answer that I do not teach jujil like that. ".


▲ gimjanggyeom mbc unions cheered the news Dismissal

The MBC gimjanggyeom president is going to have people been dismissed after the 2013 second MBC president Kim Jaecheol strikes from 15 coming days o le withdraw and return to work.

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