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Hanseo Hee

Hanseo Hee LGBT outer remarks silgeom No. 1

Group Big Bang Hanseo by smoking cannabis Tower and Jubilee has become topical again,.

Hanseo Jubilee then he is declared feminists over the last year this time, SNS saying that sexual minorities stood at the center of controversy.

In addition, Christian has publicly criticized the Hanseo rare, it happens again apologize.

Hanseo Hee

Hanseo Hee recently on his Instagram “Transgender does not think women. I do not think even women are biologically” Has expressed a distorted feminist leaving that post.

Hanseo Hee

The Christian is after capturing wrote the Jubilee Hanseo “People have the freedom that anyone can talk what you think! But if that person is a certified celebrity wannabe likely to think about how big the weight of the horses in my remarks have. Also act just committed also the toughness of a man as truly a shame.” Retorted that.

Hanseo Hee

Hanseo Jubilee is a trainee who actively SNS activity.

SNS through a live broadcast haetneundeyo also spread the news at the time of his debut Hanseo is rare “I am a feminist”Innovation “It is called marketing, which must feminist voice is the end of the original character that you want to. Not want to be famous for being a feminist. Now I would like to inform you that I'm a feminist with a topic. Me because many people want more women jyeoteumyeon says boldly what is their feminist”I have a unstoppable progress that

Hanseo Hee

Hanseo Hee

As well as the recalls be jailed in the detention center of the tower and had a fellowship with cannabis and tobacco have also peobutgi certification was abusive to akpeulreo.


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