How to choose a fishing rod and intensity hwimsae


Before I saw the rod out by the lake and the collar daesangeo.

Rods are'm be divided into two kinds for civil rod and rilnaksi

It is the strength and the fishing rod and hwimsae places and fishing methods doeneundeyo further subdivided according to daesangeo an important part of the process of choosing a fishing rod with fishing rods Lake.

Hwimsae of the rod is saying is that the fishing rod bent shape that represents the position of the origin of the load took the fishing rod bent.

The rod intensity horses representing force pulling up the loading or fish can hang the rod than.

So Rod hwimsae and strength when strictly distinguish between different meanings, but there is also a tendency to mix with the concept of convenience.

In the case of Korea, the Western and Japanese expressions and expressions interchangeably and are marked differently Avenue rilnaksi and civil Rods. It also shows the difference in the brand launched a fishing rod.

Rods are just as strong rod to stiff rods are flexible, but if there's not a heavy rod can months bongdol flexible, but also a heavy rod can months bongdol.

Rod hwimsae notation

The report indicated hwimsae applied where the origin is bent when viewed deflected by dividing the total length of the rod ten


9:1 Hwimsae

Chori hwimsae / F(fast) taper

8:2 Hwimsae

Chori hwimsae / F(fast) taper

7:3 Hwimsae

Front hwimsae / F(fast) taper

6:4 Hwimsae

Middle hwimsae / R(regular) taper

5:5 Hwimsae

Body hwimsae / S(slow) taper

The strength of the rod

The strength of the rod is I'm able to think to go that can raise it snatched how big the fish incorrectly thought, but a weak rods to also any number'm able nakeul the big fish thus the strength of the rod can hang ㅇreo mana heavy weight within the elastic range of the rod let me say the exact wording sseunga.

Rods are usually strong enough, The stiffness of the flexible handeyo proportional to this reference, Of gyeoljil, reshuffle, A second light is divided Jim.

Flexible rod

Min Rods : SOFT

Gaetbawi Rods : 0arc, 0.6Ao Ho Ho 0.8, 1arc

Throw a fishing rod : 15arc, 20arc

Oejul fishing rod : 10Ho ~ No. 40

Lure Rods : TheLTRALight, Light


Chongqing quality fishing rods

Min Rods : Chongqing Division, Severity regatta

Gaetbawi Rods : 1.2arc, 1.5arc. 1.7arc, 2arc

Throw a fishing rod : 25arc, 30arc

Oejul fishing rod : 30Ho ~ 80 No., 60To 150 No.

Lure Rods : MediumLight, Medium


Rigid rod

Min Rods : Severity regatta, High Contrast, If regatta

Gaetbawi Rods : 2.5arc, 3arc, 4arc

Throw a fishing rod : 30arc, 35arc

Oejul fishing rod : 60To 150 No., 80No. 250 ~

Lure Rods : MediumHeavy


Ultra light rod

Min Rods : If regatta, Second regatta

Gaetbawi Rods : 4arc, 5arc

Throw a fishing rod : 35arc, 40arc

Oejul fishing rod : 150To 300 No., 200~. 500

Lure Rods : Heavy

Gaetbawi fishing 50 arc referred to as a lake collar usable in the order No. 1 No. 2 No. 3, and when the rod oejul, 60arc, 100Indicated weight of bongdol that can hang on the lake, such as Lake.

UL is also the lure rods, ML, By weight and drag of the attached figures of the Reel lure that can be used or plan to use with the MH notation that can withstand the weight of the lure rods.

Rod Lake Star Collars and daesangeo

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