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Dragon yijuyeon

Yijuyeon Dragon yeolaeseol already second

The Dragon and the yijuyeon was embroiled in the second ten days between yeolaeseol.

Feeling of Dragon yijuyeon same place as background

Even if you look carefully at the two pictures comparing “Uh places like stuffing” I think that lifting

Dragon yijuyeon is released as a video taken with the 30th month was a burst into yeolaeseol But today was back to the contents of the picture one or two public seems to be embroiled in a similar background yeolaeseol.

Dragon yijuyeon

First, let me check the picture was caused yeolaeseol couple.

Dragon yijuyeon

This photo indeyo look to enjoy paragliding Old Town is a place that looks like a different place.

Dragon yijuyeon

Also, the restaurant pictures of two people is public atmosphere and light photos, The chair looks the same place.

Dragon yijuyeon

Photo ride the rides it is also a picture that looks like a hat it looks the same as the place where the same figure wearing a hood, wearing T-shirts.

Netizens haetneundeyo raised yeolaeseol of two people on the basis of these photographs

Dragon yijuyeon

But the agency YG Entertainment DISCLAIMS yeolaeseol couple “Between two people get along with colleagues”He preached.

Dragon yijuyeon

Dragon yijuyeon

In addition, for the problem Photo “It is located from Hawaii concert eoulryeotdeon with friends”He preached.

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