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Knee Surgery

After knee surgery, the cartilage super bacteria infections

This is why parents see a child who tries to board decision-geomna.

News attempts to introduce so called unfair than the story.

Knee cartilage tear is received surgery became infected with any antibiotic super bacteria that does not treat woodwork.I.

But the hospital is called your fault I was told proven to patients

How can you do this, the patient proves?

Knee Surgery

Seo was in May housework is knee cartilage tear received surgery.

But the pain of patients after surgery and more deoni simhaejyeot been inspected this super-bacteria MRSA has been detected in the surgical site.

Knee Surgery

MRSA is often found in hospitals spend an antibiotic often resistant to some antibiotics in the last bacteria.

Seo family of the patient “Deonyo haetgeo heart of filial trust the doctors walked two feet Now There's nothing better to do himself” He said.

Knee Surgery

Knee Surgery

Seo only wrote the treatment of more than 8,000,000 won per month super bacteria did not disappear, I'd say hospital admission is not responsible for their

Knee Surgery

The hospital officials “Reputable third parties hospitals last.Should is determined that there is much wrong with this, If you have unconditional detractors hospital'll we'll do it” He said to the patient stated the stance you to prove negligence on the hospital.

If you believe the doctors said the surgery is rather gained a larger bottle.

Knee Surgery

Super bacteria that are a report from the hospital is more than 80,000 cases I'd say no, but most of the obligations notifiable come not easy awarded the compensation is difficult to determine the exact status.

Knee Surgery

Regarding the content sinhyeonho lawyer “It is quite difficult to prove what infected by other causes in a hospital. The hwakja side is the fact they have proven infection due to the medical negligence” He preached.

Knee Surgery

Hospitals and doctors believe I leave my body that even if this person really get the surgery How did the infection in these super-bacteria trying to point to the sky with the palm of your hand…

Now go to the hospital to receive surgery or therapy treatment I'll have to ask eopna Are superbugs

“Our hospital superbugs not” That we'll be recording and treatment.

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