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phpmyadmin 404

nginx phpmyadmin 404 Not Found

Suddenly in phpmyadmin nginx server 404 Not Found If an error occurs, the application will have to check what was working well in the meantime server.

After the initial installation from the server 404 or 403 If the error I am able to see the phpmyadmin folder permission settings

How well those connections for you if you'll suddenly have a clear reason.

phpmyadmin 404

In nginx phpmyadmin located in the / usr / share / nginx / html.

But if you change your website's server folder on the server can cause this error.

phpmyadmin 404

Easy to tell

/etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf 파일에서

root /usr/share/nginx/html;

phpmyadmin 404

If you change the above path to another specific folder when you connect to phpmyadmin 404 An error has occurred.

phpmyadmin 404

nginx phpmyadmin when connected 404 If the error is confirmed, I hope to try.

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