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Moon Huiok

Moon Huiok could do this to a woman accused of transcripts released?

Singer Moon Huiok(48)Is accused of fraud to the younger singer has allegedly threatened shocked.

Moon Huiok representatives of the agency and manager Kim(64)Who has also been accused with molesting charges in addition to charges of fraud.

While no cases of contact with the accused Moon Huiok and agency representatives reported on the fact that this haetneundeyo also doubts that lifting application facts.

Moon Huiok

Summarizing the events together directly after molestation, etc. In December, the newly recruited newcomer singer Mr. U said I'd last six sexual assault in their cars 24th time, Kim's agency representing their agency is several times to touch the body of Mr. U “I want you to have, If I do not gotta die my girl, Come on model”The high reotda that the language of violence, etc..

Moon Huiok

Why Are the haetneundeyo Moon Huiok the accused in this case.

Moon Huiok is high then check the facts without over fellow junior artists to be prevented rather the fact that your.

Moon Huiok

Moon Huiok walked several times to call Mr. U “Do not inform the media, as well as even families, Your mom and dad are hard to grandmother, You will be hard to pretend as a singer” Say that “Forward Do not say anything to me 'I do not want to hear you say that he would not talk Disclosing this”As I told you the transcripts public through the media two days shocked.

Moon Huiok

Calls for Moon Huiok the singer's part U

“I moreugetgo, I, Now I do not talk anymore. "I will not talk from your mouth’ "I'll shut up’ This is no longer you and I talk to do not listen to talk. So where then try. Brushing blow it to tell the boss dies try everything once. When you are the boss, but more family-type living large blow. You motdae one artist. Buried there, you guys gonna language? In some ways this one too large. Rice sister(Indicates a senior singer Joo Hyun-mi)Ido huge one large. (Yeah?) You have tried to help her sister rice also mean only greatly injured. I hurt. You are hurt and injured. That Good? Sucking one kkabal true love to break your father's heart? Your grandmother your teachers and your friends you'll receive jotnyago finger pointing.”

The rookie singer says about U “Teachers are literally Moon Huiok said to me a singer’ Exist, such as wealth as the sky”Innovation “That was just starting as a singer hanteneun it is a worry not know what to do to actually sounded tremendous pressure to be hospitalized with stress” Preached that.

Moon Huiok

The news of the rookie singer Joo Hyun-mi haejun electrolytic As to Mr. U, “Allows the artist to concentrate on songs only need to worry about (door)The end of the Jubilee Jade lapping became enamored entrusted to him as a result of fish believed such a naughty cat” You said that anger.

I'd been a rookie starting with the relationship of elementary school diva U and Mr. Joo Hyun-mi

Moon Huiok

Children's favorite trot U from childhood had gone according to the mother of a dinner show Joo Hyun-mi Joo Hyun-mi, I had to join the fan club at a young age to attend the concert or fan club tolerable organized events.

Joo Hyun-mi This is a very pretty, that I had forty-two hours flowed by Mr. graduated from college with a vague degree of U Mr U Mr U Parents

Balhija to mean that Mr. U want to be a singer Joo Hyun-mi did a sponsors actively in the process dopdeon the debut of U Mr. Moon Huiok who are acquainted with the usual tight, was reportedly introduced a representative of his agency, Kim.

Moon Huiok

In fact, according to The Father of Mr. U, “He would raise his daughter between receiving money equivalent” Before that haetneundeyo “Hongbobi and expenses, including, without initially promised to have demanded money from suspicious number of nominal money in addition to daughter responded to the future”He preached.

The case is the first to blame for the events that have occurred due to agency representatives, but he was unable to give aid and comfort younger women such as singer rather avoid that Moon Huiok It appears that could never be avoided.

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