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Hospital ship Ha front row 2017 Autumn plaid trend

Ha hospital ship Front Row jacket pants 2017 the latest trend plaid

Did the fact that this year the trend Fall Plaid?

Ha When I suffered a checkered suit somehow figured that fall trend noticeable'm a checkered year

Malindeyo easily say that this year is fashionable Fall Plaid

In fact, one or two're gonna be looking at opening a clothes closet, but when the checkered season bakkyeo also there is no wear plaid itjyo never even clothes to wear once a year by the end how.

Why draw

Design clothes, Color might not match the high probability of me, but the most important thing in a checkered pattern.

Not like the checkered checkered

Checkered gingham patterns in accordance with the, Tartan, Hounds tooth etc. I'm alive they know deutdo checkered types that could be reported

A checkered plaid, but these two both have to memorize me look good is geoeok Then I'd better put this guy in a checked pattern look passes that I know “That word inde OOO” The moment to say that you would not keolriti is a vertical rise.

And what does it say more than this year's autumn trendy plaid'm Trent 2017 has seemed good memories'm not in one or two checked suits me.

First, let's learn about the checkered Ha is dressed in a recent hospital ship

hospital ship

Check Clan(Glen Plaid)

Ha the front row wearing a jacket and pants are checked indeyo Clan

The Wuyi I'm called abbreviation of geulreni Cart Check in Scotland as a kind of big plaid consisting of a small grid

hospital ship

Can I just check clan becomes overlapped to a large lattice call including those consisting of multiple color I would've thought of a wife to consolidate the two types of grid patterns woven into the fabric Wuyi one first

One of the traditional pattern, which is often used for coats.

hospital ship

And the front row wearing a jacket Ha Chun Woo-Hee was also the mouth in an argon

Tartan (tartan check)

Transmitted to the clans of Scotland is a traditional pattern.

Check-in is 2, 3I'm into overlapping to form a complex pattern geotinde also been used as a substitute for a sentence of a clan that is a pattern and change the pattern of many colors.

Today, beyond the borders of the UK national pattern being used there to several sectors' Clan Tartan’ It is sometimes called.

Tartan is widely used as a point of casual apparel and fashion accessories because the awful splendor.

Gingham(Gingham check)

Doeneundeyo huisaek composed and warp and weft of a different color or multiple colors are sometimes used in common across the checkered fabric.

hospital ship

Easy to tell gingham plaid refers to creating a small grid of vertical and horizontal intervals.

Madras(Mardras check)

Madras plaid or vertical refers to the thin cotton fabric woven in the province of Madras, India.

hospital ship

Traditionally, when jjamyeo wash chamber thermal plants consists of a grid of multiple colors are displayed unique effects.

Now it's a lot if you are using a chemical salt Shirt, Blouses, etc. Applications are wide and made of mostly bright and colorful hues are used a lot, especially in summer clothes, etc..

Hounds tooth check (Hound’s tooth check)

Black or white or rich side is characterized by a width equal to the stripes.

hospital ship

Greater than the slow pattern rough Shepherd Check it indeyo features, especially black on a white background, Navy blue, Red, There are many patterns of brown color.

Hounds tooth check is a check pattern is derived by boindago like the teeth of a hound names primarily jacket, Widely used in a thick coat of wool is one such pattern timeless.

Check Shepherd(sheoherd check)

Shepherd checks' Shepherd’ What it is meant by the original meaning of monochrome striped cloth shaped ferns gyong and is the checkered derived by Scottish shepherds that are frequently used.

hospital ship

I used a lot of colors other than black and white is sometimes called fashion Shepherd Check.

Check Gun Club(gun club check)

Joke of the same color(Such as color and contrast of the jiteum yeoteum)Or contrast colors, such as a small grid pattern created by combining the two types of Stafford Yorkshire Check a different color, Or create a combination of two different kinds of checks Shepherd.

hospital ship

Origin is the origin teseo specify the pattern in the uniform of the American Hunting Club 1874.


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