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Hwang Chihun

Hwang Chihun died 11 years battling to the end

This was followed by former child actor Hwang Chihun 11 years battling a brain hemorrhage come floating over the past 16 days the dawn He was 46 vertical world.

Hwang Chihun was born in 1971 KBS Drama in 1974, Jung Hwang Hui’ Debuted as "Mr. Tiger’ Such haetneundeyo appeared in a number of works

1988Years, the 'baby in the memories’ It announced it had also worked as a singer.

Hwang Chihun

2005Hwang Chihun haetneundeyo year is transformed into a foreign car salesperson

But it fell to the release of a cerebral hemorrhage in 2007 half were married one year yieoohgo a human suffering from a plant.

Hwang Chihun

Last October 2012, jeonhamyeonseo the fact that in KBS2 free manman busy battling the vegetative Hwang Chihun haetneundeyo jugido a big impact

A former child actor gimhyeongjung with time Hwang Chihun has also released a figure who visited the hospital room of a broadcast Hwang Chihun.

Hwang Chihun

Wednesday is gimhyeongjung “He liked me a lot. Many smoke greedy whatever was active kids” And prayed, saying recalling the past Hwang Chihun.

Where the funeral is a funeral Council of Hwang Chihun provided Gyeonggi Yangju highway are the bereaved wife and daughter.

In this post I tell Hwang Chihun As he ascended above the main portal real-time queries to Article 1 of mourning the deceased fulfilling botmul.

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