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Seo Shin-ae

One Seo Shin-ae dress child actor Tags kkeunna

Actress Seo Shin-ae is to be a showcase exceptional exposure to the agents dress on the red carpet Pusan ​​International Film Festival. Cheap Seo Shin-ae I'm getting a dress gaproneulbak is going on among fans

If the exposure of the actress dress red carpet is much talk in the meantime, but Seo Shin-ae dress that was indeed reversed itself.

Seo Shin-ae

In fact, Seo Shin-ae Seo Shin-ae has been 20 years old this year, we remember the indeyo because still remains a young child actor image

Seo Shin-ae

7Debuted in Seoul Milk ad in age Kick Through the Roof, The Queen's Classroom, Meanwhile, Seo Shin-ae, such as the role of Solomon in charge of perjury seems it is just because my sister was a pretty cute image.

Seo Shin-ae

In the eyes of the public looking for Cheap Seo Shin-ae dress even'm eotgalrigo

Now, as the twenty-year-old actor, not ahgyeok learn if there are eyes on a natural change, Eyes revealing said 'irrational dress, also sadness.

Seo Shin-ae

The biggest worry of a child actor Maybe the label is just that, "former child actor".

While it is true that adults indeyo caught the ankle of the past image having difficulty in a variety of genres and characters extended

Seo Shin-ae

Seo Shin-ae also haetneundeyo also convey this troubled in the last broadcast

Seo Shin-ae

Appeared last year in July JTBC 'Non Summit, "he gave us jinaganeunde the neighborhood Mart is letting the grandmother asked me the way. But to me a few elementary grades? When asked, he said he was also preach, "said," hurts ".

Seo Shin-ae

In this Seo Shin-ae for the Pusan ​​International Film Festival Dress Cheap agency "is in consultation with a stylist to pick outfits," he said "after a long time spent care would be to stand on the red carpet," said "gotta have my attention even surprised. I wish I'd look yebeuge preached that ".

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