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Confession couple

I confess one more couple Son Hojun Jang original Real Madrid

KBS 2TV drama geumto new "confession couple’ The broadcast has become a hot topic since before.

Son Hojun Jang confessed couple starring take a twenty-year-old returned 30 a couple of stories with drama and Choi Jang Son Hojun-margin weeks Peninsula Station is expected to show a honey Chemie.

Confession couple

The last 12 days Son Hojun Jang confessed couple press conference ahead of the broadcast is gonna let a strutting ipdam unstoppable amplified expectations for the drama

Confession couple

Such a combination also helped the couple's Son Hojun Jang thing people are talking about, but right neojak ​​19 gold Real Madrid "one more time I'm confessing’ The public reaction seems to be more hot in that.

Confession couple

Son Hojun Jang couple confess in the original 'one more time I'm’ 19 will be broadcast to the unique sweetness and fun, except for the gold.

Confession couple

Confession couple characters introduced

Jang (Margin main station)

In the confession couple Jang is the main station appeared to her margin of Son Hojun.

2-year-old watched the parental self-esteem can not lightly take your eyes away from 38-year-old son, her mother a moment because the westward sends the mess while the day today, did not even wash.

Confession couple

Then one day know the unpleasant affair of view even breathe enamored Husband and I'd eventually choose the path of stones singnyeo

Worry about the future to live a stone singnyeo asleep crying and freaking day and sleeping at night beoryeotneyo dolga in 1999

Confession couple

Putput not thirty-eight, and Mrs. Joe taengtaenghan back twenty years old

But I'm confused on the sons concerned with the future, I really can again go back to the future

Confession couple

Son Hojun confessed couple (Choi Peninsula Station)

Today, cases come to feed cheojasik home sold as a service to medicine, but pride back 'kkeomgap', "This jjompaeng’ As well as ignoring the words of Pearl

Confession couple

Wrongfully holding the tteoan is a misconception that the affair, divorce, and I saw floating in the night eyes Cha dolga in 1999.

Will meet the first love Min Seoyoung buried in the chest, where.

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