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Snapper fishing wonjul and Collars

Black sea bream, Parrot will hold've already watched snapper is wont to visit.

In recent years, there is fishing for the purpose of snapper itneyo yet to show look.

Yet did not see the red snapper catch today is to learn the snapper jjinaksi wonjul and Collars.

As it searches the Internet to call wonjul 2.5 1.7 No. 1 EMD Collar bwatneundeyo an article that caught the 80cm snapper

So this is it possible to search and remembering John


Most of these cases, or if really lucky concluded that fishing guru.

I'd like to Snapper is much in most daemulgeup When the purpose is more than 70cm snapper wonjul 4-5 No. I'm Collar sseundago 3-5 No.


In addition, if the bottom of the steep terrain where'm also so that enforcement must use thicker 6-8 No. Collars

In addition, the needle is that red snapper is 50cm or less can also be right, but black sea bream 70cm yisanggeup snapper snapper is to use the dedicated needle No. 9-12.

Also'm that is 80cm or above using a 13-14 No.


To catch a red snapper

I'd like bream are mainly high nakinda 7 ~ 8m in depth and volume that red snapper is good mainly like habitat for deep and rapid bone josok.


Snapper is evenly distributed and the average depth of 14 ~ 150m as omnivorous species such as black sea bream, use similar methods and black sea bream fishing.


Where do I go to catch snapper?

Called red snapper is always where. In the case of black porgy not guaranteed tomorrow again caught in the area today, caught black sea bream is not'm andago


Therefore, the selection of the points that determine the matins of the day.

Also I'd like snapper is important that mainstream

If you have a place where you can attack the mainstream in gaetbawi This is called first-class Snapper Point.


Snapper fishing is that there is a depth of 50m to meet the best places that I'd like if the depth of 50m snapper throughout the year.

Also catch snapper is only one point like the narrow range of actions ahead of the story is easy to visit Red Sea Bream.

Snapper want to meet.

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