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Seasonal fishing species

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Seasonal fishing species

Let the fun fishing from long ago, when you go running off to the sea nalman.

But when you first start to go fishing naksijeom “Gonna catch some fish?” The question was often called.

In fact, rather than thinking that japgetda any meat haetneundeyo guys think I wanted to hold without having handpicked

It is a little fishing deogunyo I now know that word

Rod according to geonya catch some fish before you go fishing, Wonjul, Collars, etc. I knew the equipment is different lures also vary.

Seasonal fishing species

Also, depending on where you go geonya geonya get any meat determined

Then I where what meat Scary ?

Nowadays deogunyo termination wondering what the meat is Scary

Haebwatseupnida to clean up some of the seasonal target species.

On the internet, please let us know if you have any portion or wrong haetneundeyo to add a little something here and there Cleanup.

Seasonal fishing species

Spring fishing species

Southern Issues : Rockfish, Mangsangeo, Gimsangdong, Flounder, Greenling, bass, Snapper

Donghaegwon : flounder, Atka mackerel, Black sea bream, Leg strength, Yellow Rockfish(Open sulfur)

Yellow Sea Issues : Rockfish, mullet, Greenling, Flounder, Flatfish, Black sea bream(5Since January), Hakkkongchi(6May sparkling)

Jejugwon : bass, Flounder Perch, Bengedom, Squid Pattern, Parrot

Seasonal fishing species

Summer fishing species

Southern Issues : Bengedom, Squid Pattern, Longtail bengedom, Benjari, Greenling, bass, Snapper, Parrot, pompano, Borimyeol

Donghaegwon : flounder, Minnows, Rockfish, conger, Daegu hwitdae, Borimyeol, Busiri, Band rockfish(Indeed rockfish), Yellow Rockfish(Open sulfur), Cutlass

Yellow Sea Issues : Rockfish, mullet, Greenling, Flatfish, Black sea bream, Snapper, bass, conger, Boguchi, Dae-gu

Seasonal fishing species

Fall fishing species

Southern Issues : Bengedom, Squid Pattern, Longtail bengedom, Greenling, Black sea bream, bass, Snapper, Parrot, pompano, Mackerel, Cutlass, Busiri

Donghaegwon : flounder, Minnows, Rockfish, conger, Busiri, Salmon juxtaposition, Band rockfish(Indeed rockfish), Cutlass, Entebbe Edom, Squid Pattern, Dae-gu, Heat, bass

Yellow Sea Issues : Rockfish, mullet, Gizzard shad, Spanish mackerel, Greenling, Flatfish, Black sea bream, Snapper, bass, Dae-gu, Hakkkongchi, Mackerel, Webfoot octopus, Cuttlefish

Jejugwon : Bengedom, Squid Pattern, Parrot, Mackerel, The war to go, Dokgasichi, Cutlass, Borimyeol, Jabari(Jeju dageumbari), Barracuda(Gojeul maengyi)

Seasonal fishing species

Winter fishing species

Southern Issues : Bengedom, Black sea bream, Greenling, mullet, Parrot, Snapper, Horaegi, Rockfish, Heat, The fire ssom Tykes, herring

Donghaegwon :flounder, Minnows, Rockfish, Greenling, Daeguhoetdae, Dae-gu, Helicolenus hilgendorfii, Snow boldae, Hwangjeom rockfish, More rockfish, bass

Yellow Sea Issues : Rockfish, Greenling

Jejugwon : Bengedom, Squid Pattern, Hakkkongchi, Flounder Perch, bass, mullet

Seasonal fishing species

Southern species fishing rights

Black sea bream : The black sea bream fishing is available year-round in southern Issues.

Spawning usually late at the end of April 6, 7And black sea bream began in the fall until May, July and November, mainly spawning is over and the objective is the black sea bream from boring September March 31.


Indeed Dome : Snapper fishing season is from mid-March to begin in October.

Mainly bream fishing is made more from the end of April until the end of September.


Bengedom : Bengedom fishing are primarily made from May to June September to November.

Stone Dome : Parrot is from June to early September, the short-season species.

Perch : Bass is a bass fishing peak, but the bass fishing from April to November generally June to September.

See Rock : Rockfish species that are year-round fishing is possible to easily find the nearest gaetbawi from November to March the following year oejul Boat Fishing season is from April to catch the start gaetbawi from May to September.


Flounder : Flounder This week's season is from April to September, Vibrate Only, Jinhae, Castles million, Lot coming up from the South Sea and elsewhere April peak.

Noraemi : Although fishing is available year-round meat, Winter has made little meat and, Autumn is the peak.

Mangsangeo: Species that can not hard throughout the year nakeul.

Mackerel : Welcome to fish that chobokkun or neighborhood handyman. The most active time goes the autumn.

mullet: Fishing can be one year, 8-11The most difficult time catching between April.

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