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Lee Sang-min

Prime brand reputation first place hanging out opportunities for Lee Sang-min comes second

Lee Sang-min is a recently starring 'in Yang Sehyeong short interview, while enjoying the heyday of the second has become a hot topic.

Lee Sang-min has released a candid stories from the past, from the moment you sat in splendid appearance on "short interviews of Yang Sehyeong" the SBS Broadcasting last 5 days until the present debt.

Lee Sang-min's is transformed into producers made after such Chakra neundeyo gained great popularity in the past Lula has repeatedly successful transformation.

Lee Sang-min

Lee Sang-min's “Earned a lot when heyday. Royalty, There were record sales and revenue” Said “There was money to buy six of the JYP building now”Said signaled recalls the past.

Lee Sang-min

Following “6It had more affiliates” Said “But it does not invest bankruptcy has. Once the project is changed to the default cheats”He said.

But later he knocked continue to find Lee Sang-min of the negatives are out steadily repay debt.

Lee Sang-min

Discard all lost something in a day clenched it again travertine Lee Sang-min's recent appearances programs 6 and beating a number of CF also jjikeumyeo Ryu Jaeseok recently, it was also crowned top brand reputation 1.

Lee Sang-min's “Lee Sang-min of life took the floor. I took the floor as not imagine. Lee Sang-min is that it was the one stand over travertine”Innovation “Wont die Sandara is not hanging out with the heart. If you think that in any situation you will see it is yigyeonaga. This seems self philosophy should not be ground down”Innovation was also convey the impression.

Lee Sang-min

Lee Sang-min is followed “Whatever the program as much as possible it seems to be hard. 'animal Farm', I can also "want to know that it '”It proves that you can do your best and if any one given to him, saying.

Lee Sang-min

If when the average person experiences these tough as Lee Sang-min LOTS if you give up everything, but it is hammered with a strong commitment to fly up again travertine, try to think over whether to allow hangeotyi Lee Sang-min now.

If the next 3-4 years that I'd be able to repay all debts

Lee Sang-min

Please work hard and climb fly mandeusigo once again the debt to zero eagerly origin.

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