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I came alone Yeti Oh Yoon Seo nahyeon first impression, beating No. 1

kbs Chuseok Special 'came alone’ Oh Yeti actors in the nahyeon, Yoon Seo was crowned the first impression, beating up one to three people men members.

I came alone, it is observed Travel Program drawn stories of the first heterosexual encounter in an unfamiliar destination.

He came alone, produced a total of six men and women is a two-part series has started the first meeting in Okinawa, Japan would put

I came alone to cast an actor ah Yeti, Yoon Seo, Nahyeon, Park Jongchan, Wrapper year, Hakjin were 6 people.

I came alone.

Jongchan first and only arrived at the hostel haetneundeyo perplexed the awkward atmosphere, but seemed a uniformly unwound atmosphere to the emergence of the Yeti Awa nahyeon.

Finally Yoon Seo after a first impression one would put above the public to join later

The first impression one has come up alone accounted authorized installation claimed gay character from the first meeting.

Yeti know “It seems more important than the first impression is the last impression”Said “It seems to be not delaying the tension”It was also convey the impression.

I came alone.

And a trip on the second day dip youth are very much closer to nahyeon jongchan in such a way that they build a dating partner picked the same menu neundeyo set out on the first date, chose a homemade Okinawa, And only know the Yeti Tavern, Yoon Seo and hakjin are choosing iron steak and enjoyed the Tate.

I came alone.

Especially hakjin are taking pictures in Yoon Seo dating “The last time the yeonyae nya”Did he ask haetneundeyo look amazing watching them in the studio, this is Yoon Seo “Like oil and water”Said revealed that the hakjin and did not greet it jugido laugh.

I came alone.

The last day dating nahyeon and hakjin at cafe, Yoon Seo is the only brewery, Yeti Awa jongchan haetneundeyo is directed to the aquarium only dating and chinhaejin Yoon Seo, unlike the dating of the earlier low cut hakjin, First he drew attention to reaching aggressive appearance.

I came alone.

Meanwhile, in an interview haetneundeyo select only child and all Yoon Seo nahyeon Yeti is deureonaetgo the inner thoughts of the hakjin hakjin has also select nahyeon.

In addition, the Yeti Awa year has also received brings a reversal me to give a good signal.


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