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Black Song Seungheon

OCN Black Song Seungheon Go Ara cool explosions care

The 'black' unveiled connecting jangreumul existence of OCN.

Had come to October 14 and Saturday nights 10:00 Viewers first met in the first episode broadcast on the 1st Ste differential OCN black is the last that is 20 minutes.

OCN Black

About two years as a tycoon in the story of Kim Dongjun Oh Mansu Station to compromise with the world OCN Black Black Song Seungheon from intense shooting, Go Ara, ELK, As a bonus video of the interview released by Kim Dongjun raising the expectations.

OCN Black

OCN Black "Grim lions guarding the Death(Black-Song Seungheon)And a woman who can see the dead man(Haram - Go Ara)This is the fate predicted mystery drama "that violated the rules of celestial struggling to save lives of people.

OCN Black

Skater, only a rough storyline of the drama not think he is 100% commitment be especially interested in and focused on the Song Seungheon smoke and Go Ara transforms Chemie.

OCN Black

Black Song Seungheon

"Sad Office Homicide Detective homey.FRANK: Stand limbo parasitic on the body bunch River Lions"

Lion limbo because blood is a natural one not without tears.

Only gajyeotji the unimaginable had not even dog IQ EQ.

OCN Black

Embrace unattended, But rumors are placed in truncated or crisis mugaenyeom, However deunga maldeunga Me that day and say things that humans, Not at all interested.

Him are two kinds of human beings.

OCN Black

Just I do not like and do not like human beings more human. In addition to those that I look like a different human types is the human right 'River Haram'.

Chonppal Blowing girl can not stop helping her gatahdo will increasingly intertwine two days because humans.

OCN Black

Black Go Ara

"Sseongul that one person Wang sunglasses from forehead to chin tip completely overwritten Girl"

In the middle of the night in a dark movie theater, even stormy day, Hammam live in the body wearing sunglasses.

OCN Black

Why she writes sunglasses, because the shadow looming suddenly appearing all the time.

In its shadow, you know, the big secret is just the shadow of death.

Take off the sunglasses will give you a pack geomu shadows next to someone's faint crying moments are captured.

Also, if you swipe anything even reach areas on the one geomu pack shadow drumsticks very last moment of photographing it seems that people.

One day, homicide flake it tried to prove that the blessing and not the curse of his ability to see the death met the detectives bunch River is immersed in a stunning personal opinion.

OCN Black

Black ELK

"Only one piece single-core bunch River"

When the river came a bunch wounded on a hospital to meet with doctors and patients had developed into lovers.

If Mimo Mimo, If the wares ability, To pass through without ppajineunge funding per yamujigo garage, It has to strange charisma.

It is wrapped in a veil of privacy is not a person within the hospital knew about her well.

As well as to say that there is a secret not even for a bunch River

Hanmoo river know that investigating the events of the past goes every day restless deulkilkka his identity and survived.

OCN Black

Black Kim Dongjun

"Chaebol to the world and tayeop two years."

A self-proclaimed man of killing. But who's killing looks, Eonbyeon nature is both a Perfect Man.

The knee is killing nature watching any live and the will to meet someone who says boils motto is always open from wallet

Only raise the daily Instagram sit holding all ttongpum every day to take the POV No one interested.

Republic of Korea best tycoon 'royeolga' son is a good title is light gaesalgu he is the illegitimate son of royeolga.

A jyeotneunde him leave the royal life, but I know and love eolssiguna pants President.

Fettuccine is located entrusted the Royal Life goes I need someone responsible who to sell to China.

I know happen to know the Haram police station in sinnaerim shaman in line to defend his position and suggested a secret visit her.

OCN Black

OCN Black

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