SG Wannabe Kim Yong Joon night arts break a year ago

SG Wannabe Kim Yong Joon had a night to break a year ago with the arts.

The reasons for taking up a lot of breakup of the stars “Busy schedule to blame” Indeyo

Kim Yong Joon Park The arts also accept that naturally break doeeotneyo two people that broke a year ago, also becomes another wish on a tight schedule because.

Night arts

This thing broke news of the two men, known to one year after the news broke dare Maybe the need to inform the media eopseoseo.

Kim Yong Joon Park haetneundeyo arts is recognized over the past 12 years, 2015, devotees and devotees started a public

Night arts

In particular devotee of the two men he was awarded the cheer around to show off your love of honey dripping from SNS.

Facts My Story haetneundeyo even before the news of the devotees in the last two people in 2015

Night arts

There is no news until recently, I thought that seeing well far more Are.

Well known is the fact cut the devotees broke shortly..

Night arts

In fact, Kim Yong Joon is haetneundeyo already experienced the second devotees and public breakup

Now Joe had a whopping nine years to start a devotee is married actress hwangjeong Then in 2006, was the last meeting in May 2015, and broke it hwangjeong admit that December night with the devotees arts.

Night arts

Meanwhile, it is night and arts activities under the name of Park Hye - Won the favorite arts and worked as a night before while last year the agency.

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