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Flush toilets emitter

Shilla Dynasty flush toilets emitter found

Flush toilets at the race site Silla era monuments have been found.

March 26 Cultural Heritage Gyeongju National Research Institute for Cultural Properties racing inwangdong donggung the Yuezhi(Private 18th) He preached that the flush toilet emitter is found in the excavation area northeast.

Flush toilets emitter

Immediately after Silla unified the three kingdoms that donggung and January '14 Munmu (674year)Donggung place and was erected in the main offices as was first investigated by the investigation team excavated in 1975 Cultural Heritage Bureau 10000000000000000 weeks Historic Sites.

Flush toilets emitter

The first survey at the time of artificial ponds, island, Donggung related geonmulji were some excavations have unearthed artifacts as a three-manyeojeom matat the attention of the academic world and the media.

Flush toilets foundation is laid indeyo look a toilet and a rounded protrusion carved granite tiles on the floor like

Flush toilets emitter

The Institute “Toilet-type masonry structure allows the dust to sit slat-type masonry and that can sit under the squatted overcoming the legs may go outside the elliptical hole perforated other stonework the combined form is, Structure type stonework toilet waste down through the bottom of the culvert(Facilities subtracting the water dug furrows in the basement)Which was likely to be discharged”He preached.

Flush toilets emitter

Following “Delayed in that the equipment: flowing water that is not equipped with a separate floating in the water jar seems ever made to wash the dirt flowing in the toilet”Explained that.

Flush toilets emitter

Also “Luxury Stone wrote a granite, In that paved the protrusion of the lower tiles feature on the toilet and floor drainage is believed to luxury baths used by the royal family of Silla”He preached.

Indeyo It was the first time a flush toilet emitter is found in the country

Flush toilets emitter

In overseas has been found that a flush toilet emitter, probably written in BC 3000 ~ BC 1500 years in the city of Mohenjodaro in the Indus Valley Civilization.

Also in Europe, I'm told that was used to flush toilets in Roman times as much there is inferior compared to the Silla flush toilets flush toilets emitter emitter Roman.

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