North Korean Foreign Minister Ho Lyon Trump remarks declaration of war masturbation operational response

Lyon Ho was a North Korean Foreign Minister held an emergency press conference 11:50 PM South Korea on the 25th hour and 50 minutes 10:00 am US time before the United Nations Millennium Hilton Plaza Hotel.

The press conference had been scheduled during the initial 11 Lyon's Foreign Minister Ho pulled example, look over 50 minutes a whopping press conference to press conference, not words of English and North Korea have translated it to an interpreter in English.

Lyon Ho

Below is the press conference call Lyon professional.

You know, the last few days the international community, including the United Nations has been eagerly desire that you do not lead to a quarrel between the seasoned action.

But Trump has an awesome declaration of war by professing that would prevent long for our leaders again last weekend.

This is an obvious declaration of war, because you're the incumbent President of the United States.


Lyon Ho

Now is the time to worldwide including all seongwonguk delegation participating in the UN General Assembly Cleverly will have to remember that the United States had before us a declaration of war.

The UN Charter has recognized the self-defense of individual seongwonguk.


Lyon Ho

The United States is more than a declaration of war in the future will be to retain all rights to masturbate ever respond if the US strategic bombers to do without diarrhea beyond our airspace moorings including the right to shoot tteolgul any time.

Who is going to a longer time If you go you will know.

I said that.

After Lyon's Foreign Minister Ho left the place without any answers to questions from reporters pouring.

Lyon Ho

The haetneundeyo last 23 days the US strategic bomber B-1B 2 band and F-15C 6 return north over the border to the east outside the native 350km

Lyon Ho

The American bombers and fighter jets flying high seas to the North East Coast is known since the beginning of the Armistice Agreement signed in 1953.


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