November wedding than this producer Shin Ji-soo

Actor Shin Ji-soo(31)Composer and producer less than or equal to(35)Ups and weddings.
Shin Ji-soo married less than or equal to haetneundeyo news before the wedding consulting company Happy Merry DE Company
The two men olrindago a wedding somewhere in Seoul in November comes at the end of one year devotees.

Shin Ji-soo

Shin Ji-soo was in 2000 sbs drama 'virtuous’ Since its debut ryeotneundeyo to know the name of that year, a child receives a prize at sbs acting as the target year 2006 kbs2 'Famous Chil Princesses’ While starring in a couple of Lee Seung Gi has taken a big hit.

Shin Ji-soo

In addition, the scent of a woman drama, Big, Fantasy Tower, Mask Inspection, Superhero Movie, Red Carpet, Such as French Film Week, He has appeared in a supporting role.

Shin Ji-soo

In addition to learning activities in the last 2010 he was also working as a triad member girl group D. Haven.

This is less than the prospective bride's Shin Ji-soo producer and composer who recognized the ability to produce electronic products, such as cosmetics and domestic CF musical number as a producer, working with artists such as the recent Park Hyo Shin.

Shin Ji-soo

Wedding pictorial'm also seems to have changed a lot and a state of the public would put Famous Chil Princesses ㅎㅎ


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